Is Max Thieriot Leaving SEAL Team? Here is all we know 

Is Max Thieriot leaving SEAL Team? Here is everything we know so far. 

SEAL Team, a military drama that premiered in 2017 and has run for five seasons, has been a huge hit. The program has a loyal audience, but shows that run for more than a few seasons are prone to change, and SEAL Team has just seen considerable changes. Most notably, after being in limbo for a while, the show was made exclusive to the streaming platform Paramount Plus.

max thieriot leaving seal team
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Now it appears that another significant change is on the horizon. It’s possible that one of the show’s primary characters may leave. Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot) only wanted to join Team Bravo in the first season of SEAL Team. He knew he was on the best team, and he worked tirelessly to achieve his goal. Audiences have watched him mature over the years, but might he be departing the program before Season 6?

After Five Seasons on ‘SEAL Team,’ Is Max Thieriot Leaving SEAL Team?

Thieriot could easily walk away from the SEAL Team finale after his character was slain in the attack. Actors frequently depart shows to pursue new ones. However, the actor could perform double duty and feature in both Cal Fire and SEAL Team at the same time. Clay’s decision to leave Bravo Team provides the perfect chance for Thieriot to have less screen time while filming Cal Fire.

Is Max Thieriot Leaving SEAL Team
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Even if Thieriot remains a regular on both programs, SEAL Team is likely to have a shorter episode run on Paramount+, so he may have a manageable schedule. Actors have occasionally starred in two programs at the same time or around the same period.

Maggie Lawson, for example, starred in the ABC sitcom Back in the Game while also appearing as a series regular on USA’s Psych. Thieriot might be able to do both without reducing Clay’s screen time if SEAL Team has a shorter schedule and doesn’t overlap with the broadcast filming season too much.

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