Blacklist Series Shake-Up: Is Laura Sohn Leaving The Blacklist?

Is Laura Sohn leaving the Blacklist? This is one of the trending questions on social media. So, what’s the matter? Here is all we know.

Did you know? The Blacklist Series is partially based on a true story.

To be more on point, this crime thriller series is oh-so-inspired by an infamous Boston-based super criminal, James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger, who was convicted for his involvement in 11 murders (Like, really?)  Now, we wonder why the Blacklist fan base is just increasing!

This American crime thriller series hasn’t gained popularity overnight. Fans have watched every episode on loop because of the fantastic cast and gripping storyline. Though the Blacklist flirts with narrative overload, it’s held together by James Spader’s outstanding performance and wildly entertains action. (Oops, people, we forgot to ask you who your favorite character is in this hit series?).

However, though the series is immensely popular, it has experienced several ups and downs in terms of cast. Recently, the fans are wondering about a rumor – they are hunting for the answer about – is Laura Sohn leaving the Blacklist? So, here is all we know. 

What? It looks like the Blacklist’s cast list is getting shorter with time—Agreed?

Is Laura Sohn Leaving The Blacklist
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So, is Laura Sohn leaving the Blacklist? 

Yes, you heard it hundred percent right. Amir Arison and Laura Sohn exit after the season 9 finale. It looks like it just cannot be kept as a secret now. 

The word is out that Laura Sohn will not return to her role as Alina Park in The Blacklist season 10. Sohn’s character Park was the newest member of the task force, having joined the series back in Season 7 only. 

Aah, but Is Laura Sohn leaving the Blacklist?

It looks like her departure comes as a surprise to many of her fans. 

Let’s get going on why Laura Sohn decided to end her time on the NBC show. (Yes fanbase, her character is being written off from the show—it’s true!)

Is Laura Sohn Leaving The Blacklist
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Alina Park finds out that she’s pregnant in the Blacklist season 9

So everywhere this question “Is Laura Sohn leaving the Blacklist?” Is just spreading like fire in the forest. This is the reason, peeps. The Blacklist season 9 introduced Sign’s husband Peter, played by Colby Lewis—We still can’t believe our eyes. But with a heavy heart, yes fanbase, this is true.

It’s seen Park went through a lot of hardships in their marriage. Also, Laura didn’t inform her husband prior that she has rejoined the task force again. 

Is Laura Sohn Leaving The Blacklist
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As we all know, in season 9 and season 5, Park badly gets injured after being hit by Benjamin T. Okara’s directed energy weapon. (Wait, but what? Sohn then learns she was pregnant but had a miscarriage because of that weapon?) That’s unbelievable!

Also, it’s seen after the injury that she has been struggling with many migraines, too. In the further seasons, her headaches seem to get worse. Boom, and in season 9, Park discovers the reason “why.” Oh, she is pregnant.

She informed the news to the task force at the LizKeen’s grave, and as we know, she then tells for the medical leave, too. Even after the baby is born, Park is still skeptical about whether she will join the force again or not!

It is ending up!

In the end, she says, “Maybe life has got other plans!”. This statement has left us so baffled. Ah, but yes, is Laura Sohn leaving the Blacklist? We got our answer through this statement. Fingers crossed!

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