Is Khonshu Evil In Moon Knight? Marvel Series Reveals The Shocking Truth

Is Khonshu Evil In Moon Knight

Moon Knight is now undeniably Egyptian God Khonshu’s avatar, implying that Moon Knight is compelled to carry out Khonshu’s Earthly commands. 

But Is Khonshu evil? Khonshu is certainly not the most peaceful of beings, and Marc appears to be tormented by his debt to Khonshu.

Is Khonsu Evil In Moon Knight? 

Khonshu is not wicked in the ‘Moon Knight’ comic novels or mythical mythology.

Khonshu, commonly known as the “God of Vengeance,” is a nocturnal “God of the Moon.” He punishes evildoers, but he’s also a big believer in forgiveness and second chances. 

Is Khonshu Evil In Moon Knight

Because he dwells in an extradimensional world, he must choose champions to act as his “Moon Knights” in order to operate on the Earthly plane. Khonshu has selected pharaohs, pirates, Vikings, and even a Patriot Moon Knight over time. Khonshu’s job is to protect people travelling through space and time.

 Kang is one of the MCU’s most powerful villains, therefore Khonshu would be one of the good guys if he were to stop Kang in his tracks. Plus, Khonshu has repeatedly saved and protected Marc Spector, therefore we must infer that Khonshu has good motives.

Is Khonshu Evil In Disney+ Series?

“Good” and “evil” aren’t black and white in the MCU’s Phase 4, thus Khonshu could have some bad tendencies.

Steven Grant is clearly trying his hardest to be a nice guy, but how does Khonshu play into that? Khonshu drives Marc to kill on multiple occasions in the comic books, making him a little more evil than other traditional heroes. 

Is Khonshu Evil In Moon Knight
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Furthermore, Khonshu is effectively pressuring Marc to act on his behalf. In the comic books, Khonshu irritates Marc to the point where he eventually takes over his body, leaving Marc and his alters to fight it out within Marc’s brain. 

So, is Khonshu evil? Not entirely. Is he a bad guy? To Marc/Steven, he could be a villain, but to the rest of the world, he could be a hero. It’s all a blur, much as Arthur Harrow’s desire to rid the world of evil complicates his villainy just as Moon Knight’s heroism does.

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