Is Elsa Pregnant In 1883? Does Elsa Die With Ennis’s Baby In Her Womb?

Is Elsa pregnant in 1883? Does she die with Ennis’ baby in her womb? Here are the latest updates from the show creators.

The Yellowstone universe is expanding. With the main series getting huge success, the creators are branching to new spinoffs like 1883 to get the hearts out of the fans. The series is already a blockbuster with a royal cast that has captivated the fans. 

Though the series got an immense response from the fans, it left them with a heartbreaking scene – the death of the main character, Elsa Dutton. With the fan-favorite character taking her last breath on the lap of her father, the fans have showered a couple of questions on social media. One of the burning questions coming out says – Is Elsa pregnant in 1883? Does she die Ennis’ baby in her womb? So, here is everything we know. 

Is Elsa Pregnant In 1883?
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Tyler Sheridan’s latest series 1883 has beautifully sketched the story of the first Duttons who settled in Montana. Introducing a bunch of insane characters, the series has got a special place in the viewers’ hearts. While there have been many prominent characters, one main character got the limelight, Elsa Dutton, the daughter of James. 

Unlike other series, creators have added the perfect blend of suspense, drama, action, and romance to the plot. Elsa’s romantic angle with the cowboy Ennis has kept the fans hooked up to the plot.  

However, the rapid developments in relationships and characters have left a burning question among the fans – ‘Is Elsa pregnant in 1883?’ We have already seen Ennis and Elsa get close to each other, both mentally and physically. So, did Elsa die with a baby in her womb? 

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Elsa Dutton & Ennis’ Love Story 

Is Elsa Pregnant In 1883
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Since the start of the 1883 series, we have witnessed the main character, Elsa Dutton getting closer to the cowboy, Ennis, and the pair ended up falling for each other. Though we see several love moments between the duo, their relationship gets rough disapproval from Margaret Dutton, who warns Elsa that their love story will soon meet the dead ends. 

While both were in love and were dreaming to tie the wedding knots, destiny had other plans. In 1883 Episode 5, Ennis was shot, and he was killed by the bandit attack. 

Though Elsa and Ennis’ love story was incomplete, still the question remains – is Elsa pregnant in 1883? Here is your answer. 

Is Elsa Pregnant In 1883?

Is Elsa Pregnant In 1883
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The series has not yet officially confirmed Elsa’s pregnancy in 1883. However, the main show, Yellowstone has delivered a bunch of positive signs pointing toward Elsa’s pregnancy. 

If we turn back to 1883 episodes, we will find that one evening we actually see Ennis and Elsa discussing what might be the outcomes if Elsa gets pregnant with Ennis’ baby. Here we see the cowboy committing to help Elsa to raise the baby. 

Though the couple’s happiness ended soon as Ennis was encountered the next day, their conversation hints at the possibility that Elsa may be having a baby in her womb. 

Is Elsa Pregnant In 1883
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Another big hint on Elsa’s pregnancy comes from Yellowstone Season 4, where we get a quick flashback of the 1883 series. Here we notice James Dutton with his son and one more child named Spencer. Who is his Spencer? Well, he may be the son of Elsa and Ennis. But what actually happened to Spencer? Was Elsa alive to raise her? All these questions are yet to be answered by the franchise. 

So, what do you think, is Elsa pregnant in 1883, and did she successfully give birth to a child before her death, or did she die with the child in her womb? Tell us in the comment section. 

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