Is Bridgerton Season 2 Better Than Season 1? Here Is A Brief Comparison 

The return of Netflix’s super-popular series, Bridgerton, is really a gift for the fans. While the new season has performed well, many fans are confused about is Bridgerton season 2 better than season 1? So, here is a brief comparison of both seasons. 

Is Bridgerton Season 2 Better Than Season 1

Is Bridgerton Season 2 Better Than Season 1?

While Netflix has maintained the essence of the series revolving around love, romance and drama, season 1 and 2 replicates different love stories. But which one is actually better? Here is all we know. 

Bridgerton Season 1 was one of the blockbuster series coming from the box of Netflix. The first season efficiently replicated Julia Quinn’s original Bridgerton novel. It revolved around the events of The Duke and I as Daphne Bridgerton developed a love angle with Simon Bassett, Duke of Hastings. 

Is Bridgerton Season 2 Better Than Season 1
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While on the other hand, the latest Bridgerton season revolves around the Viscount Who Loved Me’s storyline. It elaborates the story of Anthony Bridgerton who turns smitten with Kate Sharma. 

While the hype for Bridgerton Season 2 was really on the higher side, both seasons received insane reviews. Though Season 1 got high viewership, both seasons impressed the audience. While the first season focused on delivering more sexually appealing scenes and shocks to stun the fans, the new season focuses on the smooth elaboration of a romantic tale. 

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Which Love Story Is Better? Bridgerton Season 1 Vs Season 2

The first season of Bridgerton was truly fascinating. The key element of the relationship between Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset in season 1, which impressed the fans, was their volatility. The journey of love between the couples feels hard-earned which delivered a satisfying climax to Bridgerton Season 1. 

Is Bridgerton Season 2 Better Than Season 1
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While, on the other hand, the love angle of Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma in season 2 is a bit complicated. For most of the series, we find Anthony struggling with his feelings for Kate Sharma.

Watching the couple on the screens is not something extraordinary for the fans. Therefore, Anthony and Kate failed to turn out as a compelling couple which disappointed the fans. 

So, this was a brief comparison of Bridgerton Season 1 and Season 2. So, what do you think, is Bridgerton Season 2 better than Season 1? Tell us in the comment box. 

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  1. Dude, you don’t get it. Season 1 was way better. There was more flirting and a better build up to the end. Romance/Bodice-Rippers are known for that and season 2 did

  2. I loved season 2. It was a great story line and loved the way it was immatated. It was a story about being honest with yourself and being ok with who you are. So many people in life feel like they don’t deserve to be happy and get what you want. I love season 2. It was deep. Both seasons run neck and neck for me.

  3. Season 1 was WAY BETTER!!! Not much excitement in Season 2 at all. A bit boring in comparison Hopefully Season 3 if any will be as entertaining and .aybe original from Seaso. 1..IT WAS THE BEST

  4. I feel that season one Bridgerton was a lot more fascinating and wonderful than season two. I watch season one over and over again.

  5. I watched season 1 so many times. Over 60 times. Season 2 I watched 1 time and fell asleep at the end. Daphne and the Duke were so good together and their chemistry was off the chart. Anthony in the first season I didn’t like so it was hard to like him in Season 2. The best parts in Season 2 was when Daphne showed up with her beautiful smile.

  6. Season 1 by far is the best.. season 2 is sooo boring.. i know Anthony is gay and couldn’t get into his relationship with a woman

  7. I watched season 1 over and over and over again. I was very disappointed with season 2. That was not as much interaction between the two actors. They should have named this the featheringtons because it was more about them and it was about the bridgertons.

  8. Season 1 was fantastic and I believe Season two is as well although I still have one episode to watch. I love Anthony but all the Bridgerton
    Brothers are fun to watch. If I had to pick one over the other it would have to be S1 but only for the brothers fighting for their sisters honor by making a character like Simon marry her.

  9. I’m a big Julia Quinn fan and live the Anthony/Kate sage…until they changed it so much it was barely recognizable. Kate Sheffield was one of Quinn’s best characters. Not just the ethic change but making the sister feud was off putting. Quinn write very well and sticking to her story is a plus.

    1. I thought season 1 was much better as the storyline was the same as the book! Season 2 was OK, but veered off of the book. alot. Why bother naming the series and getting rights to it & then not following the book! Creative license?? Bet Julia Quinn got paid well, now I understand she is “creative consultant”, but obviously after seeing series she obviously doesn’t have too much say in what happens!

  10. Season 1 is most definitely better but I love the family and everything about the story, i can’t wait to see more.

  11. Season 1 by a landslide…it introduce Simon and its not fair that Kate because she married the viscous is scheduled to return…
    Not fair…and I am still watching season 1 and the fact you are asking us…should tell you

  12. I like season 2 better.Didnt find it boarng and found it more interesting and kept my attention. Season 1 I stop half way of watching it. Found it predictable. Lost interest. Didn’t plan to watch the 2nd season. Glad I did. So to each his own.

  13. Season 1 was best. I didn’t see the chemistry between Kate and Anthony. It seemed forced. I liked the chemistry with the younger sister.

  14. Season 1 was way better, this story was good but not as exciting as Season 1…..I’ve watch Season 1 about 60 times, where as Season 2 was a 1 and done…..but still.gave it excellent ratings.

  15. Season 1 started the series. Grabbed our attention with more sexuality. Season 2 was different in more characters developing. Still romantic and more characters stories were developed! Good second story and waiting for Season 3!

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