Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Spoilers – Officials Announced Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date? 

It’s nearly a decade over and still, there are no official announcements on Hunter x Hunter. So, will there be Season 7 of the show or the creators will shelve the anime? 

In this article, we will talk about the future of the anime series and will deliver some exciting Hunter x Hunter season 7 spoilers to you. So, if you are a true fan, make sure to go through the complete article. 

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Spoilers
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Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Leaks!! 

Back in 2014, Hunter x Hunter’s second anime adaptation wrapped up with its sixth season and the “Election Arc”. However, running for six seasons, the franchise had got immense support from the fans. And this helped the show to reach the top of the list of best anime of all time. 

The incredible popularity of the series made the fans believe that there will surely be many more seasons in the writer’s bucket. Moreover, the creator, Yoshihiro Togashi from 2014 to 2018 added some super interesting pieces of content in the official Hunter x Hunter manga. 

So, where they did not include those stories in the official anime? Here is everything you need to know about Hunter x Hunter Season 7

With such a long halt from the franchise, the fans were pretty disappointed, and they showered their negative reviews on social media. Though their hope of witnessing a new season of Hunter x Hunter was getting shattered into pieces, a couple of mysterious social media posts fuelled the hype for a new season. 

Back few days, a pair of strange social media posts coming from the official Japanese voice actors of Hunter x Hunter went viral on social media. One post came from Megumi Han, the actor who lent her voice to Gon Freecss.

While the other one came from Mariya Ise’s Twitter handle. Mariya is the popular voice-actor who voiced the character of Killua Zoldyck. 

So, these Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Spoilers lead to incredible hype among the fans. However, there were no further explanations or leaks on the new season. 

Therefore, what’s actually going on? Are the creators weaving a new anime chapter of Hunter x Hunter under the shadows? Here is everything you need to know. 

Will There Be A Season 7 Of Hunter x Hunter?

With the creators delaying the release of Hunter x Hunter Season 7 for nearly a decade, the fans were confused about will be a Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter or not? So, today, Sassyshows has brought all the latest details and Hunter x Hunter spoilers in its bag. 

With the hopes of the fans expecting a new season of Hunter x Hunter shattered, two voice actors from the franchise, Megumi Han and Mariya Ise dropped the ultimate bomb back in February 2021. 

They teased the new chapter of Hunter x Hunter on their social media handles. Moreover, Togashi Mangaka, the popular actor for his sporadic hiatus in the official Hunter x Hunter manga also passed a major statement. 

He revealed he is expecting one more season of Hunter x Hunter. This has further given the die-hard fans, a light of hope. 

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Spoilers
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Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date – When Will The New Season Drop?

Hunter x Hunter Season 6 wrapped up on July 8, 2014, delivering 12 insane episodes. The complete series was picked up from the “13 Hunter Chairman Election” of the official manga. So, many fans believed it was the end of the anime as this chapter was a good point to end the series. 

But surprising the creator Yoshihiro Togashi added new chapters in the manga from 2014 to 2018. This ignited the hype for one more season within the fans. The cast and crew of Hunter x Hunter has also teased about the new season. 

However, as of now, there is still no confirmation from the officials. In case, we get an announcement in the upcoming months, we can expect a new season at the start of 2023. 

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Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Spoilers – What To Expect?

There are tons of Hunter x Hunter Season 7 spoilers floating around the internet. However, picking up the authentic one is pretty impossible without official confirmation from the creators. 

However, our sources have reported that Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter may feature Gon on the journey to find his father or the dark continent. The fans may get a shock to witness Isaac Netaro’s son visiting the dark continent. This will also be a sudden shock for the zodiac, who have no idea about Isaac Netaro’s son. 

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Spoilers
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Though any of these Hunter x Hunter Season 7 spoilers are not verified, we believe this is the only leak that makes sense. However, the anime series has not yet covered all the volumes of the manga and there are many interesting chapters of Hunter x Hunter. So, it’s pretty difficult for us to predict the official plot without any leaks from the creators. 

Final Words 

So, what do you think? What will happen in Hunter x Hunter Season 7? Do let us know in the comment section. Also, share your feedback on the article. 

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