Hunter x Hunter New Season 2022 Is Coming!! Release Date Revealed

These days, Hunter x Hunter is flourishing, and it won’t be long before the series reclaims the spotlight. The manga, which has been out of print for a while, will resume publishing later this month, and its author Yoshihiro Togashi has kept readers informed about it. 

The Hunter x Hunter will also make a remarkable comeback in conjunction with the manga if a recent report is accurate. 

The 37th volume of Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga, which will be released four years after the last one, has been set for release. 

Hunter x Hunter New Season 2022

Hunter x Hunter new season 2022
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The return of Hunter x Hunter new season 2022, is now scheduled for October 24. 

Naturally, new chapters will be released concurrently in the US so that fans can read them on Manga Plus or the Shonen Jump app. 

So that readers may be ready for Togashi’s comeback, you can even find the manga’s backlogged chapters on both services right now. 

This announcement will undoubtedly mean a lot to many fans of the adored series, who have eagerly awaited its comeback for years. 

Due to a downturn in his health, Hunter x Hunter’s mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi was forced to halt production of the series in 2018. 

Thankfully, Weekly Shonen Jump didn’t cancel the show; instead, it was put on hold until Togashi could resume production.

Hunter x Hunter Sneak Peek 

Hunter x Hunter new season 2022
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If you are unfamiliar with Hunter x Hunter, you should know that Togashi began working on the series more than ten years ago. 

Despite being one of the best current shonen series, the series has been on hiatus more frequently than it has been published. 

Togashi has taken several breaks due to chronic health problems, the most recent of which has been for more than three years. To reassure fans that Hunter x Hunter would return, Togashi announced his return to the series in Hunter x Hunter’s new season, 2022. 

Throughout the following summer, he formed a Twitter account and started posting images of his work in progress there. 

According to many of his tweets, Togashi had to find innovative ways to work on the series without making his health problems worse, as he was still having trouble gripping a pen due to some health issues. 

Togashi’s summer’s labor has culminated in a full Hunter x Hunter chapter for the first time since November 2018, which is less than four months ago.

On October 24, Hunter X Hunter will be back

Hunter x Hunter new season 2022
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Togashi has said he’s been working on up to ten new Hunter x Hunter chapters, so perhaps fans will have access to a tonne of new material shortly. 

Even if fans receive these ten chapters and nothing else for a time, it should ensure that this adored series receives a decent finale. 

It is unknown if Togashi’s workarounds will continue to be successful in allowing him to continue working. Fans can at least rejoice that the well-liked series Hunter x Hunter’s new season, 2022 is coming back for the time being, regardless of what happens with Hunter X Hunter going forward.

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