How To Watch Hocus Pocus 2 Free Online? Watch It Now!!

Hocus Pocus 2 is finally out and we know you are craving to watch it. But don’t have a subscription? Well, no worries. Here is how to watch Hocus Pocus 2. 

Hocus Pocus Sneak Peek 

Where To Watch Hocus Pocus 2
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Hocus Pocus was first released back in 1993 with a unique story. The movie’s story revolves around the three witches magically resurrected by a virgin teenager on the day of Halloween. 

The incident took place in Massachusetts. The boy who was responsible for this tragedy is Salem (Omri Katz). Kenny Ortega directs the movie. And the film is a product of Walt Disney Pictures. The trio of witches was popularly known as the Sanderson Sisters. The sisters’ names were Winnie Sanderson, Mary Sanderson, and Sarah Sanderson. 

Hocus Pocus 2 shows us how these three sisters were accidentally resurrected again by two teenagers, Becca and Izzy. The incident occurred when they celebrated Becca’s 16th birthday on Halloween night.  

Co-stars’ response to Hocus Pocus 

Where To Watch Hocus Pocus 2
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On interviewing the co-star of Hocus Pocus 2, we find out that the actors were not quite sure there was a prequel. For them, the movie was over in the first part only. Sarah Jessica Parker, who played the role of Sarah Anderson, never believed that the prequel would happen. She credited the prequel happening to her co-star Bette Milder, who played the role of Winnie Anderson.

Aren’t you excited to see Sanderson Sisters for almost 30 years?

Where To Watch Hocus Pocus 2
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Ah, people are going gaga for it. Everyone wants to know how to watch Hocus Pocus 2! Yes, that too for free. 

Hocus Pocus 2 recently premiered on 30th September 2022 on Disney Plus. Here’s the answer for the fans who want to see this movie online. 

Apart from Disney Plus, one can watch it on Hulu and ESPN plus for $13.99 per month for Hulu with ads and $19.99 for Hulu with no ads. 

Disney plus and ESPN plus also come free with Hulu+ with Live Tv, which costs approximately $69.99 per month. 

Did you know this incredible deal saves around $14.98 per month from subscribing to each service individually? 

Also, guys, there’s one more way where you can watch Hocus Pocus 2 for free

If anyone you know Is a Verizon customer, then it offers a Disney Plus subscription with its unlimited plans. Play more unlimited, Verizon plan unlimited, and so on. So, one can sign up for a free six-month Disney+ subscription (that saves around $42). Yay, you can thank us later, our lovely FamBam. 

We can’t wait to watch this hour 43 minutes crazy hell of a ride movie

Of course, this hype is all worth it. So people, after reading this article, get away right now and watch this movie. We are our lovely fans who wanted this answer “How to watch Hocus Pocus 2” would have got the answer. 

Comment below about how you liked the movie. Till now, there’s no confirmation for Hocus Pocus 3, but god knows, maybe we have. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to follow us! 

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