You Can Get Fortnite Kamehameha Mythic In Seconds With This Secret Trick!! 

Finally, some of the anime’s most recognizable characters and abilities have merged with Fortnite and Dragon Ball to appear in the battle royale. This includes Goku’s renowned Kamehameha, his distinguishing long-range attack.

 As a Mythic weapon in the game, the move is now very devastating but challenging to learn. Fortunately, this guide will show you how to immediately acquire a Kamehameha Mythic in Fortnite.

Where can you find a Fortnite Kamehameha Mythic?

Fortnite Kamehameha Mythic
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One of two approaches can be used to acquire the Kamehameha Mythic. Speaking with Bulma at Kame’s house and paying 250 Gold Bars for the attack is the simplest. 

Due to this, the area is virtually constantly hot to the touch. Therefore, searching for Capsule Corp is the wiser course. Capsules that appear after the opening of the first circle. You can locate these by looking for the randomly positioned bottle icons on the in-game map. You are sure to have the Kamehameha Mythic and even a Flying Nimbus to easily navigate the map once you have retrieved everything from a capsule.

You should be careful with how you employ the Mythic. The Kamehameha has a 10-second cooldown between uses and can only be used three times before it disappears from your inventory. 

However, it is still worth looking for. For starters, adversaries and structures will take 100 damage from the Kamehameha. The questline for Dragon Ball Power Unleashed includes using the equipment. Through a series of tasks, users can increase their Power Levels and get Dragon Balls in exchange for various premium cosmetics. However, the quest line ends on August 30, so you’d better find this Mythic quickly.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z: How is the Kamehameha Mythic a pay-to-win item?

ForFortnite Kamehameha Mythic
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The game’s mythic skills are renowned for being much more potent than the others. The public was aware of loopers’ capacity to rotate quickly through the use of Spider-legendary man’s web shooters. 

Although the fabled Kamehameha item does not grant any traveling skills, loopers can utilize it to defeat adversaries quickly. Nick Eh, 30, a well-known gamer and streamer, recently revealed the power of the mythical Kamehameha item on Twitter. The streamer urged everyone in the lobby to queue up for a custom match he had set up. A hundred gamers were waiting in line to see how strong Kamehameha was.

Fortnite Kamehameha Mythic

Nick eh 30 soon charged the mythic Kamehameha weapon and pointed it at the standing foes. Surprisingly, a well-aimed Kamehameha shot destroyed the entire lobby in seconds. It follows that the item can be utilized to kill adversaries instantly and bring about the island’s destruction.

It should be mentioned that to make the gameplay fair, Epic Games frequently nerfed a few things. 

Due to its immense potency, the Infinity Sword was also taken out of the game. Since it is a part of the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z collaboration, it is safe to assume that the Kamehameha legendary won’t be removed. It won’t be unexpected, though, if the developers choose to modify its statistics and weaken it.

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