How Strong Will Broly Super Saiyan God Form Be?

What if Dragon Ball Super Super Hero is planning to introduce Broly Super Saiyan God form? Here is the hot update about the upcoming movie.

Dragon Ball Super Broly’s entry into the anime world was like a storm hitting the fans. The introduction of such a powerful being in the Dragon Ball universe stunned the fans, and the movie became Toei’s most successful one within a blink. 

Though we saw the Legendary Super Saiyan form of Broly, the fans are craving for more. So, what if we see Broly Super Saiyan God form in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie, Super Hero? How powerful will the Saiyan be? Here is everything we know. 

Dragon Ball Super Broly Is A Mutant & Warrior By Birth 

Broly Super Saiyan God
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Though Vegeta was initially introduced as the strongest Saiyan as a baby, the entry of Broly broke all the records of powers. While King Vegeta was jealous of Broly’s immense power levels, he tried to kill him, quoting the baby Saiyan as a threat. However, his father managed to rescue Boly from the clutches of King Vegeta. 

While Broly’s father keeps him under the wraps, Broly’s exponential growth in terms of powers went unstoppable. He turned out to be one of the strongest Saiyans in the whole Universe. We witnessed how strong he was in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. 

Moreover, considering that Broly is making a comeback in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie – Super Hero, will we see a new transformation of Broly? Will we see Broly Super Saiyan God form? 

How Powerful Will Broly Super Saiyan God Form Be?

Broly Super Saiyan God
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Well, we already know the immense potential of Broly. He is among those Saiyans whom we have witnessed climbing the ladder of power in a blink of an eye. So, witnessing Broly Super Saiyan form is nothing unexpected. 

However, if we speculate the power levels of Broly’s Super Saiyan God form, one word we can conclude with is total madness. In the Super Saiyan God form, Broly will be able to easily fight with Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta, simultaneously. 

Though we have not yet witnessed Broly Super Saiyan God form in the manga or anime, his form actually appeared in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes game. God Broly was introduced as a non-playable character in the game back in 2017. 

Is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Setting Up Broly’s Super Saiyan God Form?

Broly Super Saiyan God

The latest Dragon Ball Super: Super trailer has made it pretty clear that Broly will be back in the upcoming venture. With the Legendary Super Saiyan returning the fans are curious to know whether he will get a new transformation or not. 

Even if Broly is not a part of the main fight, the present visuals hint at a rapid rise in the power levels of Broly. If we deep dive into the trailer, we will find Broly and Goku training on Beerus’ planet. While Goku has now unlocked Ultra Instinct, it will give a major boost to Broly’s character too. So, if not Super Saiyan God form, we will definitely see a new transformation from the Legendary Super Saiyan. 

So, what do you think will Dragon Ball Super Super Hero feature Broly Super Saiyan God form? Tell us in the comment box. 

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