How Strong Is Ultimate Gohan (Mystic Gohan Form)?

Gohan’s new form is here. But how strong is Ultimate Gohan? Here is all we know.

Right from the Cell era, Gohan has turned out to be one of the most impressive characters in the Dragon Ball franchise. Though after his rampage against Cell, the creators sidelined Gohan’s potential to establish Goku supremacy, with Dragon Ball Super Super Hero coming out, it seems Gohan is back on track. 

Throughout the different Dragon Ball series, there have been a bunch of magical moments where Gohan proved why he deserves the limelight. First, against the deadly Android Cell, he was the one who became Super Saiyan 2, and second, in Buu Saga, we proved he is one of the strongest fighters alive. 

However, after that, the Dragon Ball creators overshadowed the immense potential of Gohan. But, with an impressive performance in the Tournament of Power, it was pretty clear that there is much spark left in Goku’s Son. 

While Gohan refused to pursue the roads of the typical Saiyans, one form that impressed the fans is his ultimate or mystic transformation. So, how strong is Ultimate Gohan or Mystic Gohan form? Here is all we know. 

What Is Mystic Gohan?

How Strong Is Ultimate Gohan
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After Gohan’s deadly rampage in the Cell saga, the fans were craving to see a new transformation from him. So, finally, one came. The Ultimate form or the Mystic Gohan form shocked the fans. 

It is one of the strongest forms of Gohan which he unlocked under the training of the Elder Kai. The Elder Kai performed a mysterious ritual on Gohan, which allowed Kakarot’s son to tap into his suppressed potential. Gohan went through a major power boost and got hands-on his Ultimate form, which is much stronger than Super Saiyan 2. 

How Strong Is Ultimate Gohan?

How Strong Is Ultimate Gohan
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Mystic Gohan form is one of the strongest forms Goku’s son has in his arsenal. He allows Gohan to tap into his 100% potential, which implies the form will grow stronger with proper training and discipline. 

When we saw Ultimate Gohan for the first time, his powers were on par with Super Saiyan 2 or 3. However, in Dragon Ball Super, Mystic Gohan form gave head-on-head competition to Super Saiyan Blue. 

Mystic Gohan Form Vs SSJ3 Goku – Who Will Win?

How Strong Is Ultimate Gohan
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What if we see Super Saiyan 3 Goku trying his hands-on Mystic Gohan? Well, this will surely be one of the most-hyped fights in Dragon Ball history. But who will actually win? Here is all we know. 

If we compare the power levels of Mystic Gohan form and Super Saiyan 3 Goku, Gohan will always have an upper hand. While Goku doesn’t have much control over his Super Saiyan 3 form and the form depletes his power levels quickly, Gohan has shown the potential of his new abilities. 

So, it’s pretty clear that Gohan’s Mystic form is slightly stronger than the Super Saiyan 3 form. But can Mystic Gohan win against Ultra Instinct Goku? Tell us in the comment section. 

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