How Strong Are Goten And Trunks In New Dragon Ball Super Arc?

The new Dragon Ball Super story arc has begun, and it immediately lives up to its subtitle of “Super Hero” by revealing that Trunks and Goten, Vegeta’s and Goku’s youngest sons, have taken up a risky new hobby by moonlighting as the superhero team Saiyaman X-1 (Trunks) and Saiyaman X-2 (Goten). 

The opening chapter of the arc in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 spends most of its time establishing the new reality in which Goten and Trunks live on Earth while their fathers are away in training to one day fight the menace of Black Frieza. 

However, with Goten and Trunks getting a new job, the fans are confused about their powers. How Strong are Goten and Trunks? Let’s find out.

How strong are Goten and Trunks in Dragon Ball Super chapter 88? 

How Strong Are Goten And Trunks
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First off, the majority of Dragon Ball fans are aware that power scaling has mostly been abandoned. As will happen here, people can still debate how strong are Goten and Trunks? 

But all of that is effectively up for grabs at Akira Toriyama’s whim. As they always did, trunks and Goten likely have comparable power levels to one another. Which of the two is more vital at this time is debatable. They can readily obtain Super Saiyan 2 anytime if they become enraged. 

It only needs Akira Toriyama’s whim and a more intense tingling in the back. Therefore, we contend that Goten and Trunks are both on par with teen Gohan in terms of power, if not slightly more robust. 

Between the Cell and Buu arc until now, Teen Gohan never engaged in any training, whereas Goten and Trunks frequently engaged in combat. It’s unlikely that the two would be as satisfied to sit on their butts as Gohan is because they have a rivalry that is somewhat reminiscent of Goku and Vegeta. 

The two most underrated characters in Dragon Ball Super are Goten and Trunks

How Strong Are Goten And Trunks
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Managing a large cast of characters is always complex, and some will ultimately fall by the wayside. When Dragon Ball Z ends, Goten and Trunks are among the most promising characters, especially in their merged forms. 

This is true despite their youth. Characters in Dragon Ball Super have joke filler arcs rather than meaningful storylines, which does a grave disservice to them. 

These Super Saiyans still need to compete in the Tournament of Power to show their skills. They are long overdue for a major plot arc that doesn’t just treat them like children after all this mistreatment.

Goten & Trunks could be the beginning of a rotating protagonist trend

How Strong Are Goten And Trunks
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Dragon Ball Super is taking a significant risk with Goten and Trunks as their temporary leads. This strategy can backfire, causing Dragon Ball to return to Goku and Vegeta’s familiar surroundings.

While Dragon Ball Super tries with narrative arcs highlighting the other characters, Goku can take a more extended vacation. 

It’s also possible that Goku will continue to appear in Dragon Ball Super alongside Goten, Trunks, or other supporting characters. The manga can only continue this route if Goten and Trunks’ experience appeals to readers.

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