How Powerful Is Gorr the God Butcher Sword?

The MCU’s power rankings will be thrown off in a big way by Thor: Love and Thunder. It’s because of Gorr the God Butcher, and his almighty sword. It is called the All-Black Necrosword. The black sword of Gorr is alarming, but how strong is the Gorr the God Butcher sword?

How Strong Is Gorr The God Butcher Sword? 

Gorr the God Butcher Sword

Gorr the God Butcher sword is titled the All-Black the Necrosword. And this weapon is among the most powerful in the Marvel Universe.

All-Black is the first Symbiote with its sense. It is made of pure living darkness and has supernatural abilities.

Any weapon can easily behead a Celestial, much less a sword. All-Black has higher power than Mjolnir and Stormbreaker. 

Currently, it’s not known how mighty Gorr’s sword will be in the MCU. To understand why Gorr could be a massive threat to the MCU, we can investigate its properties and origin in the comics.

Gorr the God Butcher’s All-Black Necrosword

Gorr the God Butcher Sword

The Thor comics introduced Gorr, the God Butcher, in 2013. Gorr led his one-man army to kill them all in his rage against the gods.

A planet with no name and little water was where Gorr was born. It wasn’t an excellent place to live. Living there wasn’t very enjoyable. 

It wasn’t easy to praise the gods. In an earthquake, his wife died, and his children began to starve. After losing faith in the gods, Gorr was exiled. During the exploration of his planet.

A symbiotic god called Knull, who was using Gorr the God Butcher sword to slay the Golden God, suddenly appeared in front of him. 

A heavily wounded god begged Gorr for help while enraged, and Knull spotted the god’s rage and passed the sword to him. Now that Gorr could kill the gods, he would search the universe for them and slaughter them.

Among Marvel’s most potent weapons is the All-Black Necrosword. This weapon uses the same material as Symbiotes.

This allows Gorr to create tendrils to fight, and he can even shape them for battle, which could be very useful. For instance, Gorr the God Butcher used it once to make wings.

Gorr the God Butcher sword also possesses the powers of the first Symbiote created by Knull. 

A symbiote would lack many of his skills, and the only exceptions would be fire and sound.

Who is Knull? 

Gorr the God Butcher SwordGorr the God Butcher Sword
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Knull is the Symbiote God who created the deadly weapons. All-Black, the first Symbiote, was created from Celestial remains, that made it into the Necrosword, which boosted its wielder’s power. 

The MCU does not yet include Knull. Necrosword itself wasn’t seen during the trailer. So, we are unsure of how he will fit into this team. Moreover, its design differs a lot from how it appears in comic books.

Power of Gorr’s All-Black vs. Mjolnir & Stormbreaker

Gorr the God Butcher Sword
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Legendary weapons such as the Gorr the God Butcher sword exist. Gorr and Knull slashed their swords to kill Celestials, and Knull’s All-Black power is behind this. 

The sword’s wielder gains Godlike strength, speed, and durability. This slayer of gods includes reflexes, regeneration, matter manipulation, and dark-energy manipulation.

Yet some super-powerful weapons are Mjolnir and Stormbreaker. Besides this, they use lightning and crush enemies. However, Thor’s new hammer is Stormbreaker. Also, like Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, he can cut through enemies.

He only gives his weapons to the ‘worthy,’ as only they can use them. Godlike qualities are added to his hammers.


It is likely that the Gorr the God Butcher sword is more robust and blunter. Mjolnir and Stormbreaker cannot do certain things with this arm, such as manipulating matter and summoning wings. Yet Thor has the advantage of not needing a weapon for battle as he is a God. However, Gorr is just a mortal without his Necrosword.

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