How Powerful Is Darth Vader?

Are you a Star Wars fan? Yes, or No: But we bet you can’t miss anything on this scary but powerful character!

Guys, we are sure you won’t be biting your nails and teeth, scared in terror after listening to the name Darth Vader? Because we are! Who is Darth Vader? Why is everyone so scared of him? Why do people think he’s so powerful? 

Let’s get going on giving you all the details about him without wasting further time!

Who is Darth Vader?

Darth Vader
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Darth Vader is a lead villain baddie in the science fiction franchise Star Wars. Ever wondered what made him so happy and evil? We’ll tell you. 

Remember when the Chancellor revealed that he was a Sith Lord, Darth Sidious and would train Anakin. Super confused and conflicted then, Anakin ultimately succumbed to the Sidious temptations. Relabelled as the mighty Darth Vader, he thus became evil: OMG, we never knew about it- Did you?

Did you know he even warned that he could destroy entire planets if he even had to keep the Empire together 

It’s also said that he was the most potent and scariest enforcer the Emperor ever had. He was also mighty enough to use the force and destroy the target’s internal organs; too-isn’t that insane? 

But, it’s said that the Emperor was considered 20% stronger than Vader after he got injured!

Ever imagined how powerful is Darth Vader?

Darth Vader
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Let’s put in the values. Imagine if Darth Vader does 1410 joules of work—He can do this in just 0.46 seconds and has an output power force of 3,065 watts—This is ridiculous! 

He was a Quick Learner, too

Yes, he was clever and what not. He could also oversee everything which the Emperor wanted him to. With his missions and journeys, his power is harnessed at every level. In A New Hope, he once said to Obi-Wan that when he left him, he was just a learner, but now he’s a Master!

Darth Vader
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Lust for power

He always felt a need to prove himself. He was the best, but he always wanted to be the best. He strived in the quest for power. Undoubtedly, his hunger and lust for power always took him to wrong and shadier paths, but he knew from inside what force can do. Thus, later Anakin was prepared in this way for the mighty role of “Darth Vader”!

FYI, Did you know he invested so much time training his body and not his mind?

With his mind not as trained as his body, he could easily get affected by thoughts of fear and failure. 

Yes, it’s also said that he had dreams of his wife dying in childbirth, sort of negative dreams, too. 

Indeed, it shows how strongly he could sense the force of power and energy. We wish he could have trained his mind as much as he trained his body!

Ending up

So Star Wars fans or Non-Star Wars sans, Darth Vader’s name as a baddie Villain is enough to prove how mighty he was! What do you think, fellas?

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