How Powerful Is Adam Warlock? His Powers Will Shock You!!

The hero, Adam Warlock, created through genetic engineering to be the ideal being, uses his superhuman strength and cosmic abilities to defend the universe from its most evil forces, including the one within himself. 

When Adam Warlock makes his entrance, most likely in the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie, the MCU is set to see a significant power shift. 

Although we still need to find out how much the MCU Adam will change from the books, we know that Warlock is a compelling character in the comics. But, how powerful is Adam Warlock? Here is all we know. 

Adam Warlock’s Background

How powerful is Adam Warlock
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Adam Warlock has a different origin story and stranger exploits than other Marvel Comics heroes. 

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created him on the pages of Fantastic Four in 1967. He was first referred to as “Him” and had no name. Adam Warlock’s first phase of Marvel’s existence began when the Enclave, an evil gang of scientists intent on gaining global dominance, applied their technological prowess to produce the ideal manufactured being. 

So, how powerful is Adam Warlock? Enclave was thriving in creating a humanoid man with golden skin who was flawlessly formed. 

Adam Warlock, who was about to give birth, burst from his birthing pod with superhuman strength, telepathy, and energy manipulation abilities. He could detect that his makers had evil intentions for the Earth because of his telepathy.

Birth and Rebirth of Adam Warlock

How powerful is Adam Warlock
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To create an army of flawless, unstoppable humans, the Enclave, a group of Earth scientists, created Adam Warlock. 

While growing up, Warlock learned that his makers meant to employ this army to take over the globe. Warlock, previously known simply as “Him,” emerged from a massive cocoon with tremendous cosmic powers and instantly rose against the scientists he believed to be evil. 

The Enclave and their lab facility were destroyed before he decided that Earth was not ready for his stay and left the planet.

How powerful is Adam Warlock?

How powerful is Adam Warlock
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Despite spending years living inside the small Soul Gem’s miniature universe, Adam Warlock kept all of his abilities. And his commands are tremendous. In addition to superhuman strength, speed, and endurance, Warlock can control cosmic power for energy projection. 

In addition, he can rejuvenate himself and fly. Since Warlock is essentially immortal, he gets more robust with each resurrection. But there are still more benefits. He can build force fields, fly at the speed of light, and even build wormholes in space. 

In addition to being able to raise himself from the dead, he has also increased the dead in the past. Adam Warlock is close to the Celestials in terms of omnipotence, albeit not quite there.

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