How Old Is Denji In Chainsaw Man? 

Chainsaw Man adds to the large body of popular Shonen mangas and anime by introducing several compelling characters. 

In this anime, there are mad people, strong devils, and even the undead. However, none of them are as fascinating as our protagonist, Denji, whom we initially met in the first chapter. 

Every devil wants to be like him, but they also fear meeting him. So, let’s learn more about the character and know how old is Denji in chainsaw man.

Denji was left with an enormous debt after his father passed away and had no way to pay it off. Denji can make ends meet as a Devil Hunter for the Yakuza; however, with the aid of a Devil hound, he saves Pochita. 

When the mob betrays Denji and a Devil murders him, Pochita makes the ultimate sacrifice to rekindle his former owner. Denji has now given birth to a strange Devil-Human hybrid. Now he’s Chainsaw Man!

Age & Height Analysis: How Old Is Denji In Chainsaw Man? 

How Old Is Denji In Chainsaw Man
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The manga does not specify the stature of the characters in Chainsaw Man. According to the Live Japan website, how old is Denji in chainsaw man, a 17-year-old Japanese boy’s average height is 170 centimeters? 

In Chapter 30’s final panel, Power looks an inch shorter than Denji. She is, therefore, 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Based on Makima’s looks in Chapter 81, we then calculated her height. 

She appears to be half a head shorter than Denji, so she is most likely 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Everything We Know About Denji From Chainsaw Man!! 

How Old Is Denji In Chainsaw Man

The main character, Denji, deals with a chainsaw devil to acquire its abilities. So, now the main question is, how old is Denji in chainsaw man? He is 17 years old. He is also known as Chainsaw Man.

Denji is an adolescent who has grown accustomed to life on the streets and who only completed his primary education. He lacks social skills and frequently exhibits childlike behavior. 

He could initially come across as unpleasant or abrupt, but it is only a result of his upbringing and extreme poverty. 

How Old Is Denji In Chainsaw Man
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Denji has difficulties with fundamental skills like simple math and reading Kanji (the most complex but common form of the Japanese alphabet). Denji more than makes up for his lack of wisdom with his empathy and readiness, though.

Unfortunately, Denji doesn’t think twice before acting when money, food, or any other type of comfort is at stake. This is demonstrated in the anime’s pilot episode when Denji agrees to consume a cigarette in exchange for a few yen. 

He was, however, wise enough to avoid swallowing it. He later tells us that to raise a little extra cash to cover his father’s debt; he sold an eye and a kidney. The same cunning and funny demeanor he exhibits enables him to defeat devils in unexpected ways.

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