How Old Is Bulma In All Dragon Ball Series?

When it comes to the most adorable characters of the Dragon Ball franchise, the first name that hits our mind is Bulma. Vegeta’s kady love is not only one of the most gorgeous women, but she is also an intelligent scientist. 

How Old Is Bulma
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However, the fans are often curious to know how old is Bulma across all Dragon Ball series. So, today, Sassyshows is here to answer the question.

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How Old Is Bulma In Dragon Ball Original?

How Old Is Bulma
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Bulma is one of the oldest Dragon Ball characters who always accompanied Goku. She was first introduced in the Dragon Ball original series. But how old is Bulma in the beginning of Dragon Ball?

In the original Dragon Ball series, Bulma was initially introduced as a 16-year-old girl. While she ends the series at the age of 23. 

How Old Is Bulma In Dragon Ball Z?

How Old Is Bulma
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Dragon Ball Z surrounds Age 761, which makes the age of Bulma around 28 years. She was 33 when she became a mother for the first time and Bulma ended the series at the age of 41. 

How Old Is Bulma In Dragon Ball Super?

How Old Is Bulma
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Calculating the ages of the Dragon Ball characters is not a child’s play. Math does not work here. As per math or simple calculations, Bulma’s real age should be 45 years at the start of Dragon Ball Super. 

However, at her birthday party, Bulma claims that she is only 37 years old. Ya! We know women love to hide their real age. So, in this case, it seems the creators silently taunted the women. 

Bulma has always been a key element of the Dragon Ball franchise. With her incredible inventions and insane presence of mind, she has always helped our heroes. So, in case you were wondering how old is Bulma? We hope you got your answer. 

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  1. Burma also admits that she’s used the dragonballs to wish herself younger at less once doesn’t she?

  2. Wait in the movie with Beerus it was her birthday and she said something about being 38 which makes sense since trunks was 8 which means she was 30 when he was born

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