How Many Goku Ultra Instinct Forms Are There?

As well known, the anime star Goku, is worldwide famous. The Dragon Ball series started in the 1980s and is still entertaining us with its new characters. 

The story started with Goku as a kid, and over the years he has transformed himself into one of the top fighters in the Universe.

Besides him, the only Saiyan capable of competing with him is the Saiyan Prince Vegeta. 

Recently, a new form of Goku was introduced in the last couple of series. The new form is none other than the Ultra Instinct form. 

It is said that the warrior who has mastered the Ultra Instinct form is considered at the level of Gods. 

A theory among fans has just sparked, claiming that there are more than one Goku Ultra Instinct forms. Let’s find out more about it!

How Many Ultra Instinct Forms Are There?

Goku Ultra Instinct Forms
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In Dragon Ball Super, the very first Ultra Instinct form was introduced. Later at the end of the series, during the fight with Jiren, Goku transforms himself into a warrior with silver hair. This form was completely different from the one which we saw before. 

Goku Ultra Instinct Forms
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Moreover, as Goku continued to train, he slowly started gaining control over the Ultra Instinct form. 

The story of Ultra Instinct gets more complicated when Manga takes the story through two different arcs. After the training with Merus, the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc experiences Goku unlocking a new variant of Ultra Instinct, i.e., the “Mastered” Ultra Instinct form.

Furthermore, he also unlocks the “Perfected” Ultra Instinct form at the closing battle with Moro. While in the Granola the Survivor arc, Goku masters the “Completed” Ultra Instinct form and later unlocks the “True” Ultra Instinct form when the battle with Gas ends. So, considering the previous and the new versions, we can say that there are six Goku Ultra Instinct forms.

Control Of Goku Over His Different Ultra Instinct Forms

Goku Ultra Instinct Forms
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Learning the Ultra Instinct and mastering it is an entirely different thing. Though Goku has learned the various versions of Ultra Instinct forms, it may take time to gain control over this. Although he has not mastered the Ultra Instinct, he has used it for good purposes. 

During the battle of Tournament of Power, when his friends needed him the most, he used his trump card and transformed himself into the Ultra Instinct in a fight with Jiren. 

Later in Dragon Ball Heroes, Goku put his Ultra Instinct form to good use when the evil Saiyan was crushing them. There may be more hidden variants of Goku Ultra Instinct forms, but they are not revealed yet. 

More will be discovered in the new Dragon Ball Super: Superhero movie. Stay tuned and follow us for more updates. 

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