How Does Dont Worry Darling End?

Don’t Worry Darling, a psychological thriller starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh, was released after great anticipation. 

The movie stars Olivia Wilde as director, and one of the two leads opened in theaters on Friday (23 September). 

In the 1950s, Jack and Alice (played by Styles and Pugh) are a married couple living in a utopian experimental town called Victory. 

However, some unsettling truths surface when Alice suspects that Victory may be hiding something. Here is a run-through of the Don’t Worry Darling conclusion and explain how does Dont Worry Darling end.

How Does Dont Worry Darling End?

how does dont worry darling ends
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How does Don’t worry darling end? The Victory project, headed by Frank (Chris Pine), and the desert they labor in come under increasing scrutiny from Alice throughout the movie. 

Alice leaves to look for the wreckage after witnessing a plane crash into the desert. Instead of finding the jet, she finds the Victory employees’ workplace, a skyscraper. Alice confronts Frank to learn the truth, but she is taken away and subjected to electric shock therapy. 

After the treatment, Alice begins to remember her life before Victory. Alice and Jack are living in the present day, even though it initially appeared as if they were doing it in the 1950s. Jack joined Victory, a 1950s-era simulation since Alice was a doctor and he was striving to make more money than his wife. 

how does dont worry darling ends
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Then, in a flashback, Jack is shown learning about the Victory project while listening to an incel podcast. Victory, a virtual reality platform, enables males to enter the 1950s world depicted in the movie. Alice is carried into the simulation while still strapped to her bed at home in reality.

Eventually, some of Alice’s memories come back, which helps her understand what is happening. She challenges Jack, and during their altercation, Alice hits Jack in the head with a glass, killing him. 

When Bunny (Olivia Wilde), another Victory wife, shows up, she informs Alice that they are participating in a simulation. She affirms that she did kill Jack in real life and the virtual reality realm. 

Finally, Alice makes it out, and we observe her waking up in bed. Here is a summary of Don’t Worry Darling’s ending and an explanation of how it concludes.

Main Questions Which Are Still Left

how does dont worry darling ends
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Is she still alive? Does she awaken bound to her bed next to her deceased husband’s body, her body malnourished and frail? How does Dont Worry Darling end? 

Although it appears to be the case, everything depends on your optimism. What happens to any women who pass away in Victory, if the plane Alice saw was real, and what happens to Victory following Frank’s passing are further unanswered questions. 

The various themes at play seem very evident, including gender roles, paranoia, the American dream, and challenging authoritative narratives.

Given that Wilde’s film is gorgeous to watch, it isn’t complete enough and has too many “real world” anomalies to be a genuinely dynamic viewing. Remarkably, Pugh plays them all with grace. 

But at least now that you can view the movie at home, you can go back and rewatch it to see if you can find any missing hints to solve the different mysteries that were left unsolved.

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