The Vampire Diaries: How did Katherine become a vampire? Know the shocking truth

How did Katherine become a vampire?

Katherine Pierce is one of many humans who have turned into vampires in The Vampire Diaries. She makes her initial appearance on-screen in Season 2 and immediately begins wreaking havoc on Elena and the gang’s lives.

But how did Katherine become a vampire? Here is everything we know.

Katherine’s Early Life In The Vampire Dairies

Katerina Petrova was born in Bulgaria in the late 15th century. Her father forbade her from using magic, thus she was a Traveller Witch. She was an unwitting Amara doppelganger.

Katerina was exiled to England and turned over to Elijah and Niklaus Mikaelson. Klaus’ Hybrid side was to be freed through a rite. Katerina managed to flee after being changed into a vampire by Rose-blood in the Vampire Diaries. Marie’s Niklaus murders her family because she refused to do what he demanded.

How Katherine Became A Vampire In The Vampire Diaries? 

Trevor attempted to assist Katherine in escaping, but when his companion Rose learned about it, she imprisoned her in an isolated cottage room. 

How did Katherine become a vampire
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Katherine suddenly realized she was out of alternatives and stabbed herself in the back with a knife, preferring to die rather than return to Klaus. Rose, on the other hand, forced blood into her so she could heal. This did not deter Katherine, who hanged herself and began her transformation into a vampire while Rose was distracted. 

Rose became enraged and attempted to stake her, but instead killed the cottage owner. Katherine couldn’t stop herself from feeding since there was so much blood, and she became a vampire as a result.

Katherine then bolted from the window into the darkness. She was on the run for the next 500 years since she didn’t want Klaus to locate her. Katherine kept her vampire status by only worrying about herself. She did, however, always have men wrapped around her little finger, resulting in a lot of love triangles.

While she improves as a person in later seasons of the Vampire Diaries, she remains callous, egotistical, and proud, and has no regard for human life. 

Katherine’s biography reveals how determined she was to live — or not live — life according to her own set of rules, traits she shares with Marvel’s strong and independent Jessica Jones. Katherine isn’t the most pleasant person to be around.

How did Katherine become a vampire
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Between 1492 and 1864, Katerina Petrova changed her name to Katherine Pierce. In Mystic Falls, she pretended to be an orphan girl and remained with the Salvatore family. Stefan and Damon Salvatore were transformed into vampires by her. Because she is an Amara doppelganger and Stefan is Silas’ doppelganger, she had romances with both of them, but her real love was always Stefan. That implies that they were destined to meet.

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Katherine In The Vampire Diaries Season 5 

Katherine is dying of old age and is being used as a stress reliever for Damon, as she comes back alive instead of Transitioning every time she dies with Vampire blood in her system. She is sent to Bulgaria to live out her days.

How did Katherine become a vampire
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Katherine discovers more about Traveller Magic and discovers that she has the ability to inhabit someone else’s body. When Lucy Bennett arrives to murder her, she passes herself off as Lucy. She then transports her to Tatia Salvatore’s calcified body, where she feeds her blood. She slips inside the body of the Original Vampire. 

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