How Did Attack On Titan Eren Turn To A Reckless Monster From An Insane Hero? 

Anime Lovers, we know you must have researched a lot and won’t have skipped any news from Attack On Titan, but here we bring to you how the journey was for one of the fan-favorite characters Attack on Titan Eren!! 

Who’s Eren in Attack on Titan?

Attack On Titan Eren

Eren Yeager, who’s named Eren Jaeger in the subtitled and dubbed versions of the anime Attack on Titan, is an oh-so-fictional character and the protagonist of the Attack on Titan manga series created by none other than Hajime Isayama!

Let’s know how Attack on Titan Eren dies?

Eren Yeager dies during the last and final moments of the War for Paradis arc, as he’s decapitated by Mikasa. 

Attack on Titan Eren had literally become the world’s enemy sometime right before this oh-so-final confrontation, this becoming mad from his pursuit. 

Ever imagined that? And imagine, that was the sole reason Mikasa had to kill him! No, no, no!

Is Attack on Titan Eren a Villian?

Attack On Titan Eren

Everyone knows he has the fates of his comrades and friends in mind, he can’t even think of following through with such a plan which might later make him a morally reprehensible character. 

In simple words, he does become the super villain of Attack on Titan. FYI, his deadly actions thus lead him to a tragic end, too!

No wonder, AOT is one of the best anime manga series

In fact, right from children to teenagers to youngsters, everyone is fond of it. Initially, no one could believe that this innocent child who has such a painful backstory would become a deadly and the worst villain ever!

How he turned from an innocent child to one of the terrifying villains: let’s get going

Monumental betrayal was one of the reasons for him becoming a mighty Villain. But yes, his selfish attack on Marley just wasn’t the beginning point.  That innocent touch was just more than enough to trigger a bunch of information to pour into Eren’s mind. 

Also, it was the oh-so-connection between the powerful royal bloodline and the Founding Titan, thus allowing Eren to have a vision of the future, in which he would be becoming a mass murderer and he even tried another plan, because he didn’t like this. 

When no alternative was left, it was then Eren accepted his fate. Later, he got along with Zeke and did a conspiracy! 

One of the reasons was the start of revenge!! 

Attack On Titan Eren
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Everything just changed when Eren discovered his monstrous superpowers. Firstly, he joined the military so that he could realise his dream. He even met some of his very close friends during this time, too. 

It’s shown how when Eren joined the Survey Corps, he was experimented on a lot of times by them. Then, it reached a point where his ability became one of humanity’s oh-so-strongest weapons ( oh, did we mention he was granted with a sliver of hope!)

Now, we guess you guys know Attack On Titan Eren much better?

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