Hocus Pocus 2′ Trailer: Three Sanderson Sisters Return With A Shocking Twist!! 

The Sanderson sisters are back! Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, and Kathy Najimy will reprise their iconic roles in the upcoming sequel to the 1993 classic Halloween film. 

The new movie will premiere on Disney Plus this September. Here we will discuss all we know about the Hocus Pocus 2‘ trailer.

Hocus Pocus 2′ Trailer Reveals A Sneak Peek To The Story

In 1993, the world was introduced to The Sanderson Sisters. This three-sister act brought 19th-century candlestick chic to live in a way that no one ever could. 

Credible actresses like Bette Midler and Sarah J Parker brought the iconic trio’s presence to life in more ways than one with their unique interpretation of old-school charm and an undeniable flair for suspense that resonated with viewers everywhere. 

The trio has been regarded as an icon ever since. Whether on re-release or through Trivial Pursuit, they have cemented themselves as an eternal part of popular culture.

Hocus Pocus 2' Trailer
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Disney recently announced the title of a movie sequel many doubted ever needed to be made. Fans of the original Hocus Pocus have been wondering since the late 1990s when they would get a chance to see their favorite Sanderson sister act their perverted magic once again, and it looks like they will have their chance. 

The cast of the cult classic has officially signed on and agreed to do another film that will be released in September. This announcement is exciting and comforting for fans who have patiently waited all these years. 

The filmmakers, however, are being quiet about what is going on with production up until now since none of them want to give any spoilers away, but we think this is a fantastic time for all these people if you ask us!

The cast we predicted is based on the Hocus Pocus 2′ trailer!! 

The original film follows the story of the three sisters, who are witches, trying to take over the town of Salem on Halloween night. In the sequel, the sisters will return to Salem to try to stop a new witch from trying to take over the town.

The cast also includes returning stars such as Jamie Lee Curtis, who played the role of Laurie Strode in the original film. The new movie is sure to be a hit with fans of the original and with those who are just discovering the film for the first time.

Blake Lively is one of the main actresses who’ll be starring in this upcoming spinoff. The actor is most well-known for her role as Serena, who was a character on Gossip Girl. She and some friends will meet up to do what she feels is a simple chat spell. 

It’s unknown if either of the girls knows how to perform this type of magic, but sometimes it’s best to use our imagination (you never know) since we don’t have too much information about it so far. 

Nevertheless, it seems the girls light up a candle (as you would with most spells), and after finishing their chant, you’ll see that cracks are appearing beneath them from where they’re standing – as if something is coming out from underneath!

These three cracks, naturally, you guessed it, mark the return of Sarah, Mary, and Winifred Sanderson. And from the looks of the trailer, some things haven’t changed one bit — at least for our favorite sinister sisters. 

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The Sanderson sisters are back! The Hocus Pocus 2′ trailer release makes it clear that the sequel will be just as magical as the original.

The film will follow the Sanderson sisters, Winnie, Mary, and Sarah, as they return to their hometown to wreak more havoc. 

We will keep you updated with the upcoming news from Hocus Pocus 2. Until then, you can follow our comments to know what people think about the movie’s return.


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