Here’s Why Legacies Season 5 Would Have Been Better For Elena & Damon?

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How have you been? Hope you’re doing fantastic and enjoying this oh-so-amazing lovely weather. How much we missed all of you. Ah, even you guys missed us? Today we have something perfect for all the Legacies Fans—any guesses? Oh, it’s about Legacies Season 5 and the fan-favorite characters Elena and Damon!! 

What’s Legacies all about?

Legacies Season 5

With 7.3/10 IMDB ratings, this show is one of the most loved and watched shows on Amazon prime. It’s an American fantasy drama television series created by none other than Julie Plec. 

It premiered on The CW on October 25th, 2018. Also, it’s a part of The Vampire Diaries Universe as it’s a spin-off of The Originals and features incredible characters from the series itself and its predecessors, TVD. 

Did you know it was canceled after Season 4?

Yes, it’s true. Legacies were canceled after Season 4. Does it mean there were no plans or storyline for Legacies Season 5? Also, ratings continue to drop after Season 4. 

Then the creators decided to cancel the upcoming Legacies Season 5. Little did we know there was a fantastic storyline for Legacy’s Season 5 story arc. 

Did you know Legacies Season 5 would have had a time jump 

Don’t worry; we’re here to tell you about canceled story plans for Legacies Season 5. Yes, a cast shared the time jump scenario in an interview. Also, Legacies Season 4 would have set a storyline for Legacies season 5! 

Ah, this is incredible 

Legacies Season 5
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We are amazed to read that Legacies Season 5 would have introduced Elena’s and Damon’s child. 

Don’t you think this would have been a massive change in the TVD universe? We already imagine the introduction of Stephanie Salvatore. Yes, she’s going to be the daughter of Elena and Damon. 

The creator Julie also shared that they were excited to bring her on the board. She alluded to her in the genie episode as though she was 12 or 13. 

But, in the Legacies timeline, the kids were supposed to be younger and toddlers. Ah, you can thank us later for this news, guys! 

What if Stephanie was old enough to attend school?

Yes, the creator revealed this. The TVD spin-off is in the process after the Legacies, though. But we were thrilled to see the oh-so-grown-up children of the beloved characters in the Legacies Season 5 timeline. 

Legacies Season 5
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We so wish CW had allowed for the upcoming season 

Then, fans would love to see the follow-up on the heroes via their children. Wouldn’t that have been super amazing? Stay tuned, guys. 

We’ll be back super soon. Don’t forget to follow us, and yes, comment below whether you like this update about Legacies Season 5 or not. Sayonara! 

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