Heartland Season 16 Updates: Will Ty Borden Return In The New Season?

We know you are craving some latest updates on Heartland Season 16. So, we will not make you wait, and here is all we know about the new season. 

It’s been a while since that season 15 of Heartland has wrapped up, leaving the audience craving more. While the last season was pretty entertaining, it left the fans a bit unsatisfied with how it came to an end. 

Since one of the fan-favorite characters, Ty Borden, died in the climax of season 14, the fans are hoping for a ray of light that will take them to a new world of joy in the series. While season 14 was loaded with shivering moments, season 15 did a pretty good job to impress the fans. However, they are still not satisfied. The audience is craving to step into a roller coaster ride in Heartland Season 16. 

So, what will the new season bring, and will the fan-favorite character, Ty Borden, return to the upcoming season? Here is everything we know so far. 

Heartland Season 16 Will Be More Fun!! 

Heartland Season 16
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While season 15 of Heartland was definitely good, it still brought some loopholes. Mainly due to the short season length, as it contained only ten episodes which could not satisfy the fans. The audience felt like they were watching half of the season. One of the reasons why fans felt this was in the latest season when things were getting more intense and the fans were hoping for a new surprise to explode, it ultimately led to nowhere. 

Though there is a lot going on in the Heartland series, the fans are still missing Graham Wardle, the man who instilled new life into Ty Borden’s character. He left the show back in season 14. But, since his departure, it seemed like the fans did not get the same Heartland experience. So, will Ty Borden return to Heartland Season 16 to entertain the fans again? Here is everything we know. 

Will Ty Borden Return In Heartland Season 16?

Heartland Season 16
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While many fans are losing interest in the series, one effective remedy to drive them back can be the return of Ty Borden. However, it seems it’s not likely for him to return to the franchise, as he has already moved to some other fields in the world of entertainment. 

Why Did Ty Borden Leave Heartland?

Heartland Season 16

In an interview, the actor said, “I felt in my heart it was time to move in a new direction.” So, it seems he had had enough playing the same character for over a decade. Two years after this interview, Heartland Season 14 dropped saying an official goodbye to Ty Borden. 

Since then, the actor has been an active part of a podcast titled Time Has Come. But was this his destiny? While he was in Heartland, Graham was rated one of the finest actors in Canada. So, who did he choose to leave the series? We simply don’t know. 

Fans, are you excited about Heartland Season 16? Let us know in the comment box. 

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