Heartland Season 16 Cast Revealed!! Alisha Newton As Georgia Is Officially Back!! 

With the fifth season of Heartland closing, the fans are now craving for the next installment. They are curious to get updates on Heartland Season 16 cast, release date, trailer, and more. So, Sassyshows has some hot news here. 

Will There Be Heartland Season 16?

Heartland Season 16 cast
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All Heartland fans cheer up, CBS Network has officially confirmed Heartland season 16 on June 1. The series has been officially renewed. 

Heartland is one of the flagship shows on CBS that follows the Fleming Barlett family, more specifically its gifted horse trainer, Amy Fleming. So, with Heartland season 16 coming out, we will get one more chance to explore the lives of these awesome characters. 

Heartland Season 16 Release Date – When Is The New Season Arriving?

Heartland Season 16 cast
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As of now, CBS has just renewed the show for one more season. It has not yet revealed the official release date of Heartland Season 16. However, as per our trusted sources, the new season is expected to arrive in the fall of 2022. Make sure to stay tuned as we will be the first to share Heartland Season 16 release date with you. 

Heartland Season 16 Cast – Who Are Returning?

Well, if you are a movie addict, you know that the most annoying thing about the Tv actors is they often feel the need to relocate to new shows leaving the old ones. Moreover, sticking to a show for fifteen years is never easy for any actor. Ya, the fans know that relocation is important for the star’s careers. But selfishly they wish that the actors remain there to carry out their beautiful roles. The departure of the special and fan-favorite stars spoilers the true essence of the series. 

This thing basically happened to Heartland, and it shocked every fan. Graham Wardle, who played the role of Ty Borden, walked out of the scene. The incident was quite a surprise for all the Heartland fans as Ty’s departure from Heartland Season 16 cast created a big hole. 

Heartland Season 16 cast
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While the show killed him and his return is nearly impossible, our only condolences are that the rest of the members remain there and we get to see them all in the Heartland Season 16 cast. 

But, not every wish is meant to be fulfilled. When we reached season 15, we got another disappointment. The fan-favorite character, Georgia, was missing in the series. So, now that we have completed an entire season without her, we cannot help but wonder: has she left the show or will she return to the Heartland Season 16 cast? 

Though there is no official confirmation on Georgia’s exit, the fans are pretty speculative about her return. We have been following Alisha Newton, the actress who plays Georgia’s role, and we got the news that she is incredibly busy these days. While not participating in Heartland Season 15, she starred in a bunch of movies and improved herself as an actress. 

However, the fans are pretty sad as Georgia may leave the show to hunt for better opportunities in the entertainment sector. Regardless, we believe the Heartland creators will do their best to keep her in the Heartland Season 16 cast and the show really needs her. After Ty’s departure, the series’ popularity is moving down, and now, it can’t afford to lose one more important character. 

Apart from these two, all the other members are expected to make a comeback in Heartland Season 16 cast. So, what do you think will Alisha Newton leave the show? Tell us in the comment box. 

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