Heartbreaking News About Young Justice Season 5!! Series Canceled? 

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How have you been, our lovely audience? Did you love our last article? Yes, see, we knew it. Didn’t we tell you how much we love bringing trending news to all of you? Because we love you all so much, and today it’s all about Young Justice Season 5, which is grabbing all the attention on the internet for obvious reasons! 

So what is Young Justice all about?

Young Justice Season 5
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Young Justice is an American superhero show animated television series developed by Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman for Cartoon Network. 

Despite its title, it’s not a direct adaptation of Peter David, Todd Dezago, and Todd Nauck’s Young Justice Comic Series, but rather an original story set in the DC universe with a focus on teenage and young adults superheroes! 

WTF, Young Justice Season 5 revives a disappointing update?

Yes, peeps, with a heavy heart and tears in our eyes, we must tell you that this news is perfect. 

As we knew, the last few weeks being a DC plan has been a hell ride of a roller coaster. We digested the news of Batgirl being canceled, but this news about Young Justice Season 5 has just shaken us up! 

With the incredible four marvelous seasons of Young Justice, who thought we had to witness this day, too

Young Justice Season 5
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There’s no mention of Young Justice Season 5; HBO Max stated it. It was mentioned to be only a single season of the one-time Cartoon Network and DC universe series, and that plan hasn’t changed. 

Also, this last line, we wish it was in bold letters, which was that there are no current plans for Season 5! 

This move is wise or not, that will time say itself

This is astonishing, as Weisman also revealed on his blog about the show’s fourth season and massive viewership numbers compared to other superhero shows! 

Fans have expressed much disappointment and anger on social media regarding the cancellation of Young Justice Season 5! 

Because it was season 4, which offered a few teasers for future storylines—isn’t it the ultimate fate of General Dru-Zod and his followers? 

When it comes to Young Justice, we feel anything and everything is possible. Keeping our fingers crossed, we are still hoping for miracles! 

But, who knows, later the plan changes. So, till that time, how about keep watching the previous four seasons on loop on HBO Max?

Young Justice Season 5
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Comment below in the section for what you think about Young Justice Season 5. Are you happy or sad? Do you think it was a fair call? Ah, and don’t forget to follow us, and we are coming back soon again with some crazy updates! Stay tuned! 

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