Haunted Mansion Release Date Is Out! Get Ready To Dive Into A World Of Horror

Disney is gearing up to take the viewers to a new world of magic and horror with its new movie, Haunted Mansion. So, what is the Haunted Mansion release date? Here is everything you need to know. 

Haunted Mansion Release Date
Credit – Disney

Marvel has turned out to be a synonym of Disney. The company has attracted a huge audience base with its Marvel ventures. However, the magic of Disneyland is not over yet. Disney has bigger plans to explore the big hits. 

With past reboots like “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “Jungle Cruise” racking up so much success, Disney is ready to drop another bomb. It is officially rebooting the epic 2003 comedy horror movie, Haunted Mansion. 

The first time Disney came up with Haunted Mansion, the movie received mixed reviews from the critics and got only 5 out of 10 stars. Though it earned over $182 million at the box office, the fans revealed that it missed out on super scary elements to keep them hooked up. So, with such a big-budget movie, significantly failing to impress the fans, Disney decided to abandon it. 

However, to everyone’s shock recently a report came out revealing that Disney is weaving a polished version of Haunted Mansion. The news has fired the hype among the fans and they are curious to know what’s coming in the new horror drama venture from Disney. 

So, if you are wondering to know the Haunted Mansion release date, here is all we know so far. 

Haunted Mansion Release Date – When Will The New Movie Drop? 

Haunted Mansion Release Date
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What is the Haunted Mansion release date? Here is all we know.

The announcement of a reboot version of the old Haunted Mansion movie has instilled a nostalgic feeling among the masses. So, the fans are eager to know when Haunted Mansion will be released. 

Finally, after a long wait, Disney has revealed the official release date of Haunted Mansion. The movie will be debuting on March 10, 2023. So, the fans won’t have to wait for a long as the movie is ready to land in the nearest theaters. 

The rumors are pointing towards something explosive crashing on our way as Disney has boarded Justin Simien as the director for Haunted Mansion. Moreover, it has dragged in a royal cast to lift up the hype among the masses. 

Though the movie was scheduled to jump into its production phase, early this year, due to the covid-19 pandemic the schedules were spoiled. The filming of the movie will start in October 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Haunted Mansion Synopsis 

The official synopsis of Haunted Mansion says, “A single mom named Gabbie hires a tour guide, a priest, a psychic, and a historian to help exorcise their newly bought mansion after discovering it is inhabited by ghosts.

Haunted Mansion Cast – Who Will Be In? 

Haunted Mansion Release Date
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Haunted Mansion reboot will star Danny DeVito, Tiffany Haddish, Rosario Dawson, Owen Wilson, LaKeith Stanfield, and more popular actors. Apart from them, the movie will also feature some insanely talented supporting cast who will lift up the excellence of the movie to new levels. 

Haddish will join in as the psychic the lady would hire to get rid of the ghosts residing in the mansion. As per the leaks, Stanfield will be jumping into the shoes of the tour guide. However, Wilson’s role in the new movie is not yet revealed. 

Haunted Mansion Plot – What To Expect? 

As of now, we don’t have much details on the plot of the Haunted Mansion reboot. However, a few things that we know are the storyline will revolve around a mother and son duo. The new Disney movie will take the audience on a ride of thrill, action, and adventure. 

The duo will move to a scary, unknown mansion where they will encounter some strange creatures. It will explore new depths of horror, suspense, and drama. The cast will play a big part in taking the movie to the next level. 

Justin Simien, the man behind Dear White People will be directing the movie. This will be Disney’s second attempt to deliver something explosive out of the old Haunted Mansion story, following the 2003 creation of the film. 

Haunted Mansion Release Date
Credit – Disney

Haunted Mansion Filming Status 

As of now, Disney is ready with the script of the Haunted Mansion reboot. The filming will kick start in October 2022. Popular producers, Jonathan Eirick and Dan Lin are gearing up to produce this project. 

The Haunted Mansion team will be kick-starting the shooting work in Atlanta Georgia as per the official confirmations. 

Haunted Mansion Trailer – Is There Any Official Trailer? 

As of now, Disney has not yet revealed the official trailer of its new horror-comedy movie. However, you can watch the old trailer of Haunted Mansion 2003 below – 

Now that you know Haunted Mansion release date, make sure to stay tuned to know more updates on the movie.

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