Has Pete Davidson Left Saturday Night Live? Know The Shocking Truth

Why Pete was absent in the latest SNL episode? Has Pete Davidson left Saturday Night Live? Here is everything we know so far.

When Pete Davidson, the comedian-turned-cultural sensation, was noticeably absent from a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, it created a buzz on social media. 

A bunch of rumors popped out hinting that he was quitting the program after eight years, but not all is as it seems. Has Pete Davidson left Saturday Night Live? This turned out to be a trending question. 

But, Pete, thankfully, had a valid excuse for his absence. Why wasn’t Pete on SNL? Has Pete Davidson left Saturday Night Live? You might question. Continue reading to find out why he was absent. 

Has Pete Davidson left Saturday Night Live?

Has Pete Davidson Left Saturday Night Live
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The return of John Mulaney to the set was celebrated in a big way on the Feb. 27, 2022, episode of Saturday Night Live. 

Guest performers like Tina Fey, Steve Martin, Conan O’Brian, and others added to the show’s appeal. On the other hand, sans noted Pete Davidson was missing, raising inquiries as to his location.

There had been whispers that Pete’s stint on SNL was coming to an end. They were curious to know – has Pete Davidson left Saturday Night Live? 

But finally with the latest news popping out, now fans are worried about Pete for a different reason. Pete has recently received a series of thinly veiled threats from the musician formerly known as Kanye West, now known as Ye, for dating his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Has Pete Davidson Left Saturday Night Live
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Davidson’s fame has increased in recent years, even outside of his connection with Kim Kardashian. Pete Davidson followed up his leading performance in The King of Staten Island with roles as Blackguard in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad in 2021 and as Marmaduke in the animated Netflix feature of the same name. However, Davidson’s friendship with Kim Kardashian brought him back into the spotlight in the months following.

It’s difficult because you don’t want to fire the trigger too soon.” But everyone has always said, ‘You’ll know when you know, and everything will be OK.’ “He commented on the “cutthroat” programme at the time. 

“I believe I should leave that show since it makes fun of me. I understand…. [It’s like] which side are you on? I have a strange sensation in that building that I’m not sure who they’re performing for — if I’m the joke or part of the comedy.

They believe I am “dumb”

Has Pete Davidson Left Saturday Night Live
Credit – YouTube.com

He also remarked in his February interview that he doesn’t think anyone at SNL takes him completely.

“They believe I’m a complete moron. Like, I’m painted to look like this giant bumbling moron. Even all of my doodles are just me saying, “OK, sure.” “the author revealed, “I think everyone outgrows it, and I believe for what I could do on the show — which is hardly anything, and it’s just Weekend Update, and I feel like I’ve done, like, 30 of those — I’ve done as much as I can over there, but glad to remain there as long as Lorne likes me.”

So, if you are here, we hope you have got your answer on – has Pete Davidson left Saturday Night Live or not? What are your views on the matter? Tell us in the comment box. 

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  1. im concerned for Pete hes a kool cat thats being mistreated in ways, i have prayed for him to find his truth and dont let the public or evil jealous people try to destroy his will, take care Pete keep bein real, funny as hell and stay safe!!

  2. There is always more to a person than what is shown. Everyone must know their worth and if that is how Pete feels then he is doing whats best for him. Good for you Pete!

  3. I believe they need a restraining order on Kenye West.He is ridiculous and very much so jealous of Pete.. Hopefully he stays working for SNL unless he feels it time for a change I wouldn’t let “YE”still my joy.I pray for him and Kim’s happiness.. Hopefully everything goes well in which ever decision he makes ..

    1. He has no reason to be afraid of Kanye if he Minds his business and doesn’t harm the children he will be fine the one in should look out for is Kim she will eat him alive unless he’s using her to be a social climber and then dump her in addition he needs to watch his own head.

    2. Pete Davidson is more talented then the small parts there giving him. This guy is talented quick
      smart as well as funny! It would be a great lose to see Peter leave SNL
      Everyone loves Peter 💜

    3. Kanye West is not jealous of Pete. Kanye West love his children, he has moved on from Kim.
      You cannot tell a book by its cover!

  4. It’s the Kardashian curse ,every man that hooks up with one of them is doomed ,come on Pete ,she’s got 4 kids and your tattooing there names on you ,grow up ,it’s just a good piece of tail ,say thanks and move on !!!

    1. Classy remark. I think the fact that he’s telling you he’s smarter than people give him credit for, says mountains. I’ve always liked him and wished him well in whatever he chooses. At least he knows how to remain somewhat respectable, in a world in which others (like the commenter) never have.

    2. Pete needs to grow up, and he should not be tattooing another Man’s children on his body that is provoking. And Kim should be ashamed of herself for allowing it, what mother would want a young “boy”friend tattooing their children’s name on his body?? Kim’s mind needs to catch up with her age, she is trying to get Kanye upset…Weird! Remember Jesus Christ died for our sins, and Rose from the grave on the third day. And Will Return- 1 Thessalonians 4:13 – 18 ; Chapter 5. There Are Only Two Eternal Destinations Revelation 21:1 – 7, 8. Now Choice

      1. Be afraid of people citing bible verses. That comes right before a mental breakdown. Learn when to use, their, there and they’re. They mean different things.

  5. I love Pete Davidson and hope he will be returning to SNL soon. I don’t think he’s fazed by Kanye, but I do wonder if the notoriety surrounding his Kardashian involvement is going to his head and making him complacent. I hope not, but his track record if relationships with people that chew you up and spit you out is not good and I’m concerned the Kardashian relationship is another one of those. Not saying Davidson is blameless in demise of these relationships…he is young, impressionable, has some hurtful baggage, and does drugs…bad combination to have all at once. I pray for him all the time and hope he can start working on himself and avoid or at least minimize the many “shiny objects” that come with living in Tinsle Town.

    1. I agree with you 💯 you summed it up exactly what it is. I would hate to see him devoured by Kim. The Kardashians only reason in life is profit thank you for speaking up

    2. Well said interesting young man wold love to him do great, he’s really on his way liking his relationship very smart young man don’t let him fool you!

    3. Pete is immature Junior high, you don’t send men pictures of their women, that you are lying in the bed with. This should be disrespectful to the women, unless they love drama.

  6. I’m concerned for Pete may my Lord protect him from that nut basket
    Pete stay real & be safe jealousy is a evil thing & really makes some people crazy like OJ crazy so stay safe
    God bless you my dear 🙏🏻🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🙏🏻

  7. I love Pete but he has to get away from Kim, she is nothing but a piece of trash that will bring him down with her. The family only survived because they have so much money and people are willing to pay money to watch them fail, or to see their trashiness.
    He has more class than that!!
    Stop making stupid people rich.
    Be a Lucy, not a Kim!!

  8. I think Pete is Great!! Don’t worry about what people think you can laugh all the way to the BANK. People are jealous and will always try to bring you down. Pete just be you and don’t change.

    1. Pete do need to change. All of us need to make some changes in our life, number one is living for the Lord God Almighty our Creator. I do not see Pete staying with Kim for the long run because he’s Young, and he has never been married. I also hope and pray, he marries a woman who has never been married. He will meet his young Bride! And I do pray that she will be a woman who loves the Lord Jesus Christ, and that he will give his life to Jesus Christ.

      1. I don’t think most people in Hollywood are too concerned about what the bible says no matter which verse you throw out their.

  9. Pete please go away from Kim and make your own family with your own litte woman and Kayen West ok and stop playing dumb and get out of that family, it’s not your family, don’t try to pretend you’re a clown and a fool. You are for convenience, your intentions are very clear, you knew this, what horror. Kim will never be your sugar mama. Grow up in your thinking

  10. Pete go and look for your little woman. One of your age. I want you to know that God created a (girlfriend, wife for you) ok. Leave this woman with whom you are exposing yourself Kim who is too old for you and she already has an owner she is the woman that God created for Kayen West. Leave that family alone and go and make your own family don’t play dumb.

  11. Pete you need to live your life and do what makes you happy that’s all that matters you only live once. To be honest with you something or someone needs to put Kenye West in his place and get a restraining order he is a idiot !!! For God sack you are a grown man and a Dad you need to grow the HELL up!!!! I wish you nothing but the best.

    1. Kanye has now moved on with Chaney Jones! Kanye is concerned about his children because he loves them and Kim knows this. People love to be in the tabloids.

  12. Pete Davidson is one of the main reasons I continue to watch SNL. I actually think the whole cast is pretty awesome. I quit watching for a long time because it just wasnt funny anymore. The cast they have now interact well together. They have a great vibe. The skits are also funnier. Love Weekend Update! Im an old fart and Ive watched SNL since they began. Considering how long it has been around its really a testament to Lorne that it continues to have such a great cast. And NBC to continue the programming.

  13. Pete Davidson is more talented then the small parts there giving him. This guy is talented and quick and smart as well as funny! It would be a great lose to see Peter leave SNL
    Everyone loves Peter 💜

  14. I agree with you 💯 you summed it up exactly what it is. I would hate to see him devoured by Kim. The Kardashians only reason in life is profit thank you for speaking up

  15. I’m praying for this sweet funny guy. He’s a one of a kind. Like Sandler, Eddie Murphy , Steve Martin, blushes, akroyd.. all the big finds from SNL. I believe he’s genuine and will be standing tall for us to enjoy. Just like the afore mentioned. Here to stay. Davidson is the future. As a son of a fallen firefighter, killed in 9/11, He is a much favored American to us all, with the ability to be brutally honest yet protect humanity and be cautiously aware of how others may feel. I think maybe he is divinely protected in order to deliver the message that humility and love along with laughter is a extremely

  16. He is a very uniquely brilliant comedian. He has taken a very funny one word comment. “Okay” routine to New heights … his ability to be so nonchalant has cracked me up. “Okay!” Lol he’s so charming and I love seeing him when he’s incognito… and knowing it’s him inside these funny costumes. I don’t get the feeling that his contributions to this show are insignificant at all. Absence makes the heart grow fonder I truly miss him when he’s not in an episode in some capacity.

  17. All this crap about are you leaving or staying on Saturday Night Live that’s your business and that’s for you to say. Pete you need to live your life and do what makes you happy that’s all that matters you only live once. To be honest with you something or someone needs to put Kenye West in his place and get a restraining order he is a idiot !!! For God sake Kenye you are a grown man and a Dad you need to grow the HELL up!!!! Pete I wish you nothing but the best!!

  18. For now, I say stay at SNL. Give it one more season, at least. They way things are these days, a steady paycheck goes a long way. Everything is up in the air lately. One wrong joke at some club, and you’re Johnny Depp. And I love you both. But people are weird. I’m so happy about you and Kim, you both look truly happy, and you’re a good guy. Maybe bring Chad back, for old times sake.

  19. He will not leave because of Kanye, , Kanye has not been bothering him and Ye is wealthy happy and loving his children Pete you have Kim be hsppy

  20. If a person feels like they are being utilized or exploited by all means they should part ways from the situation.Whether the relationshipis professional or personal.He seems very content with his personal life as he should be.He deserves to be content with his professional life.

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