Harley Quinn Season 3 Trailer Reveals The Comeback Of Some Major Characters!!

As we all know, recently, HBO Max has released the all-new Harley Quinn season 3 trailer. 

Harley Quinn is known famously as “The Joker” Girlfriend. However, they separated and never thought about each other due to some differences. 

In the upcoming Harley Quinn series, she is coupled with Poison Ivy and living her life to the fullest. 

Harley Quinn season 3 trailer
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In the Harley Quinn season 3 trailer, Nightwing has been brought to the light. He is the one person who can be described as intelligent and humorous. 

In the trailer, the director has also revealed their intentions of Ivy for Gotham to bring the city back to its nature. 

However, the same reason causes some differences between Harley and Ivy as Harley becomes resistant to aiding Ivy in pursuing her dreams. 

Furthermore, the trailer has also screened Joker running for the Mayor of Gotham City to make his family proud. 

The spicy Harley Quinn season 3 trailer: We don’t want our viewers to miss anything! 

As we all are aware that season 3 of Harley Quinn is on its way, the anxiety among the crowd is also soaring day by day. 

Apart from the information mentioned above, the trailer also shares knowledge about the Court of Owls. It is believed that they will also appear in this season. It is still unclear what role they will play, but Harley and Ivy have been seen attending the wild party organised by the villainous Batman Organization wearing owl masks. 

A scene-stealing part by James Gunn, who managed “The Suicide Squad” and “Peacemaker”, will also be there, igniting the fire among the horde and surging the rating off the charts for the show. 

Many have believed that the main reason for his role is to concentrate on a project centred on Thomas Wayne (father of Batman/Bruce Wayne). The reality will only be uncovered once the show is released.

Harley Quinn’s ancient projects:

Harley Quinn season 3 trailer
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Harley Quinn is a well-known character across the DC universe. It can be said that she is a balanced combination of sane and insaneness from a criminal point of view. Her show made its debut first in 2019 on DC universe, where it received a tremendous response. 

Previously it was only streaming on the DC universe, which is already home to several heroes. 

However, that platform was stopped and relaunched as comic-centric DC Universe Infinite. The venue later collaborated with HBO Max, and since then, it has started streaming on it. The trailer of Harley Quinn season 3 was released after the halt of 2 years, indicating how much the crowd has starved for it. 

The overall ratings of Harley Quinn are always positive, and the audience is crazily waiting for 28th July 2022, when the season will officially air on HBO Max. Till then, stay tuned and follow us for more updates!

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