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How Much Do You Know About Goku In 2021-2021? Know More About Goku Ultra Instinct  Form!!

Dragon Ball is presently one of the flagship anime franchises. It has introduced a bunch of superheroes protecting the earth with their insane abilities. While there are some versatile characters like Vegeta, Beerus, and more, the main character that grabs the eyeballs of the fans is Goku aka Kakarot.

Goku’s transformations are famous all across the anime world. With Goku Ultra Instinct transformation, he is now on the level of gods.

Moreover, he is one of the most loved characters in Dragon Ball. While most fans know his story, many are unaware of some hidden details about Goku. So, in this article, we will present you with Goku’s biography and will explore deeper into the characters. 

Who Is Goku? 

Goku is the primary protagonist of the Dragon Ball series. He is the face of the show. He is a hero of Akira Toriyama’s incredible creation, Dragon Ball manga and anime series. Son Goku is a male Saiyan character, who was originally transported to Earth to demolish it.

Goku Ultra Instinct

However, destiny has different plans. He met Grandpa Gohan, who taught him to be good, and under Grandpa and Master Roshi’s training, young Goku polished his abilities to turn into one of the most powerful fighters on Earth.

He strengthened his grip on martial arts and became the greatest defender of the Earth. Goku has passed a long way and now with Goku Ultra Instinct form, he can even compete with the Angels.   

Origin Of Goku 

Goku is introduced as the son of a lower-class Saiyan named Bardock. Though the young lad got the name Goku on Earth, he was originally named Kakarot. He is the son of Bardock and Gi-ne and was born on Planet Vegeta.

Sensing the major threat of Frieza and the demolition of the Saiyan race, Bardock attempted to transport Goku to a new planet named Earth. When Goku was only three years old, Bardock moved him to Earth, where he was rescued by an old man, Grandpa Gohan.

Though Goku was initially a violent child, a deadly trauma turned him into a friendly young lad, as he lost most of his memory. Grandpa Gohan trained the young child and helped him understand the depths of martial arts.

However, soon Gohan realized that Goku turns into a beast when exposed to the full moon. So, Grandpa instructed Goku to never watch the full moon. However, young Goku disobeyed the orders and as a result, he transformed into the Great Ape.

Losing his control, Goku murdered his adoptive Grandpa Gohan, and this started a new chapter in the Saiyan’s life. Later Goku turned into a hero and Goku’s Ultra Instinct transformation became popular across the anime world.

Appearance of Goku

Every character in Dragon Ball Universe carries multiple appearances as they have tons of transformations in their arsenal. However, if we consider the case of our show lead, Goku, his looks resemble his father, Bardock. Like his father, Goku too has the same spiky black hair and the same face cut.

But, Goku has slightly softer eyes, a lighter-pale skin complexion, and a kind heart. However, what makes him different from Bardock is his hairstyle. Goku has two bangs hanging on his left side and three bangs hanging to his right, this gives him a unique look.

Goku was initially introduced when he was 10 years old. He stepped into the scene as a young kid with a mysterious tail and tons of unimaginable powers.

However, at the age of 12, Goku looked even more young and short. For the next few years, Goku did not experience any change in terms of physical development.

However, when he stepped into his 15s, Goku highlighted noticeable physical changes. By the age of 18, Goku was in a growth spurt. He had grown taller and more muscular, which made him stand out in his friend circle.

Goku Ultra Instinct

As he aged and reached 25, he was even stronger, leaner, taller, and massy. 

Goku’s beautiful Gi gives him the look of a warrior. For most of the series, he is spotted wearing an open blue gi surrounded by a white bow-tied obi over the waist. He compliments his looks with dark blue kung-fu shoes and a red wristband. 

During the Android Saga and Majin Buu Saga, we noticed Goku wearing the plain gi without any kanji or blue obi on his waist. He used the same wristbands and dark blue undershirt that gave him a cool look. As the story proceeds, we see Goku retaining the look in the initial chapters of Dragon Ball Super. 

During his training with Whis, the Angel of Universe 7, Goku is spotted wearing his traditional orange clothes with loose gi. He compliments his look with the blue obi and wears blue wristbands that cover his complete forearm part.

However, In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, we witness a change in Goku’s look as he switches to his regular uniform and uses a knot-style obi and “Go” kanji. As the story started in place with cold weather, initially, he wears a blue long jacket that gives him a cool, heroic look. 

If we talk about the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, our main protagonist, Goku wears the emblem of Galactic Patrol leaving behind his traditional clothes. While in Granolah the Survivor arc, Goku switches back to Whis’ kanji and picks the same clothes he used during his training with Whis. 

In the Universe Creation Saga, Goku’s look appears pretty much similar to the previous arcs. However, the creators seemed to have given Goku a dress with a lighter orange tone and a dark blue undershirt. But overall, the look is similar. 

In the most popular 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku is dressed with a turquoise gi complemented with a white knot-style obi. Moreover, orange wristbands, black kung-fu shoes, and dark green pants give him a more classy look. 

Goku Personality  

When introduced in the scene, Goku was an infant, constantly begging for attention. This shows how timid Goku was as a young child. However, when Grandpa Gohan trained Goku, the young boy turned into a super aggressive and savage soul.

As the story proceeds, Goku transformed into a young, handsome hunk, and he became popular among the fans for his kind heart, energetic and caring personality.

Though Goku is showcased as a fearless character, who loves to pick up new challenges, he is pretty submissive to overbearing ladies like his lovely wife Chi-Chi and dearest friend, Bulma.

When it comes to the original anime, Goku has a unique fear of needles titled aichmophobia. He is also terrified of his wife, Chi-Chi. 

Goku is a true foody. Besides challenging fights, something that he loves is delicious food. However, when it comes to his family and friends, he can leave everything. In many of the anime sagas, we have witnessed him selflessly sacrificing his life for the sake of his planet and close ones. 

Like most of the true Saiyans, Goku loves combat. He loves facing worthy opponents who push him to climb up the ladder of power. He loves to train harder and has spent most years of his life training under different mentors.

Though he is extremely powerful and might appear ruthless at times, Goku strongly believes that with love and support, even the darkest soul can change to a good soul. 

Summing up, Goku has a pure heart and has no evil feelings and thoughts. He loves his family and friends and carries the guts to sacrifice his own life for their safety.

He also believes in repaying every debt and, in many instances, we have seen him saving his mightiest enemies. However, sometimes Goku is called an emotional fool and Vegeta calls him a clown. 

Goku’s Power Levels In Every Major Saga 

The power levels of Goku in all the major sagas are mentioned below – 

#10 Dragon Ball Series 

The power level of Goku in the Dragon Ball Series starts at 10 and at the end of the series his power level nearly touches 910. 

#9 Dragon Ball Z: Raditz Saga 

With efficient training and age, Goku’s power in Raditz Saga starts at 334 and, by the end of the series, it touches 924 as Goku was able to unlock his signature move, Kamehameha. 

#8 Dragon Ball Z: Vegeta Saga 

With the start of Vegeta Saga, Goku’s power level was over 9000, and by the end of the saga, his energy level was 21,000+, as he unlocked the Kaio-Ken x3 transformation. 

#7 Dragon Ball Z: Captain Ginyu Saga 

The power level of Goku at the start of Captain Ginyu Saga was between 85,000 and 90,000. While at the climax of the chapter, his power level reaches nearly 180,000 with the Kaio-Ken transformation. 

#6 Dragon Ball Z: Frieza Saga 

The Frieza Saga started with Goku having a power level of 3,00,000 in his base form. However, with the unleashing of the Super Saiyan form, his power level reaches 150,000,000. 

#5 Dragon Ball Z: Cell Saga 

Though it’s not defined, the power level of Goku in Cell Saga approximately starts with 45,000,000 in his base form. While it moves to 2 to 3 billion at the end of the arc. 

#4 Dragon Ball Z: Majin Buu Saga 

In Majin Buu Saga, we witness one of the coolest transformations of Goku. Though Goku stepped into the chapter with a power level of 60,000,000 in his base form, unlocking the Super Saiyan 3 form, he turned his levels to 20 to 25 billion. 

#3 Dragon Ball Super: Battle Of Gods 

While the audience were introduced to this saga, Goku’s power levels initially were around 60 to 75,000,000 in his base form. While his power level turned to 6 to 6.5 quadrillion as he unlocked the Super Saiyan God form. 

#2 Dragon Ball Super: Goku Black Saga 

With intense training under Whis, Goku unlocks new levels of power in the Goku Black Saga. During his chapter, the protagonist started with approximately 9 trillion of power level and ended with a power level of 900 quintillions as a result of his Super Saiyan Blue combined with Kaio-Ken x10 transformation. 

#1 Dragon Ball Super: Universal Survival 

In the latest anime arc of Dragon Ball Super, Goku introduced a new transformation to stun the world. He presumably started the arc with a power level of 100 trillion in base form.

However, unlocking his latest form named Ultra Instinct, he shifted to the septillion range or even more. Goku’s Ultra Instinct is something extraordinary to witness for the fans.

The current power level of Goku is still undefined as the manga proceeds after the end of the anime sagas and it’s pretty obvious Goku will unlock new powers with his intense training under the Angels. 

So, here are Goku’s power levels in all major arcs of Dragon Ball. 

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Goku Transformations

Here are all the transformations of Goku – 

#8 Oozaru – This is the Great Ape transformation of Goku when he looked at the full moon. 

#9 Kaio-Ken – Goku unlocked his form in the initial arcs under the training of Kaio. 

#6 Super Saiyan – Goku unlocked the Super Saiyan form after experiencing a major trauma of his beloved friend Krillin’s death. 

#5 Super Saiyan 2 – During the Cell Saga, Goku attained the Super Saiyan 2 form due to his intense training in the afterlife. 

#4 Super Saiyan 3 – During the Buu Saga, Goku reached the Super Saiyan 3 form, training afterlife. 

#3 Super Saiyan God – For the first time, Goku attained the Super Saiyan God form in Beerus Saga. He reached the form, performing a Saiyan ritual. 

#2 Super Saiyan Blue – Goku unlocked the Super Saiyan Blue form after his intense training under Universe 7’s Angel, Whis in Lord Beerus’s planet. 

#1 Goku Ultra Instinct – After his training with Whis, Goku joined the Tournament of Power. While most of the fighters lost to Jiren and he was truly overpowering Goku, the Saiyan pushed his limits to unlock a new mysterious form, Ultra Instinct. 

Goku Ultra Instinct Form 

Ultra Instinct is one of the most powerful techniques of Goku in Dragon Ball. It is a form that separates the consciousness of Goku from his body. It’s an incredibly difficult form to master as till now only the Angels have mastered it. So, the Goku Ultra Instinct form can be defined as the “State of the Gods.” 

Goku Perfected Ultra Instinct Form 

One of the most commonly asked questions that storm social media is – has Goku achieved the Perfected Ultra Instinct form? Well, the Perfected Ultra Instinct form is an advanced form or an improvisation of the Ultra Instinct form.

It is even more powerful and it is attained through the fulfillment of the Autonomous Ultra Instinct form. It can be defined as a form obtained after surpassing the Ultra Instinct form.

As per the anime, Goku has not yet showcased its full potential. However, Angels are mostly in this state and they have the ability to turn it off and on.

In the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie titled Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, we may witness Goku mastering his form as it will come with a time jump and Goku will surely go through some intense training in this time. 

Closest Friends of Goku 

Here is the list of the closest friends, ranked – 

#10 Zeno – The Grand King Zeno is a new friend of the mightiest Saiyan Goku. 

#9 Pikkon – After a deadly fight with Pikkon, he is now a dearest friend of Goku. 

#8 Yamcha – Yamcha is one of the oldest friends of Goku. 

#7 King Kai – He is more of a mentor than a friend to Goku. 

#6 Gohan – Besides being his son, Gohan is one of the closest friends of Goku, with whom he shares everything. 

#5 Master Roshi – The mentor who taught Goku the true essence of martial arts is also a dearest friend of Goku. 

#4 Vegeta – Though there is always a rivalry between Vegeta and Goku, Vegeta is one of Goku’s closest friends. 

#3 Piccolo – Piccolo is one of the most trusted characters in Dragon Ball. Goku loves him and trusts him so much that he handed over the responsibility of Gohan to Piccolo. 

#2 Bulma – Bulma is one of the oldest friends of the most beautiful character of Dragon Ball, Bulma. 

#1 Krillin – Kriilin is the best friend of Goku in Dragon Ball. 

Fun Facts About Goku 

Here are some of the lesser-known facts about Goku – 

#1 Though Goku is one of the strongest warriors on Earth, he has only won one World Martial Arts Tournament. It was the 23rd tournament where he defeated Piccolo. 

#2 Goku’s real name, Kakarot, is inspired by the vegetable Carrot. 

#3 In Japan, May 9 is celebrated as Goku Day. 

#4 Through different arcs, Goku’s hairstyle keeps on changing. 

#5 The strongest Saiyan in the Dragon Ball Universe, Goku, has only killed 3 foes. 

Unknown Facts About Goku Ultra Instinct Form 

Here are some of the lesser-known facts about Goku Ultra Instinct form – 

#1 All Angels have already mastered the Ultra Instinct technique or transformation. 

#2 Beerus also showcased a form similar to Goku Ultra Instinct form during his fight with other Gods of Destruction. 

#3 Goku’s appearance in Ultra Instinct form differs in manga and anime. 

#4 There is a limit to how long the Saiyan can sustain the Ultra Instinct form. 

#5 Goku is the only mortal who attained Ultra Instinct form. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1: How Old Is Goku?

Ans – Goku is presently 43 years old. 

Q2: How Many Times Goku Died?

Ans – Though Goku is the main protagonist of Dragon Ball, like many other characters, he too had many deaths. Goku had two deaths. First when he died in the battle against Raditz and second when he sacrificed his life in Cell Saga. 

Q3: How Goku Lost His Tail?

Ans – Goku lost his tail three times. For the first time, he lost his tail when Puar changed into scissors to cut the tail of Goku.
Later, Grandpa Gohan also pulled off Goku’s tail, during his fight with the Fortuneteller Baba. Lastly, Goku lost his ability to transform into the Great Ape as Kami permanently removed his tail. 

Q4: How Goku Got The Heart Virus?

Ans – Both Future Goku and Goku got the heart virus. Future Goku was affected by the virus in December of Age 766 and the latter was affected in May of Age 767.
The cause of the virus is unknown. However, Goku started having the symptoms when he encountered the Androids in May 767. 

Q5: Which Episode Did Goku Get Heart Virus?

Ans – Goku gets heart virus in Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, Episode #1.2. 

Q6: Will Goku Surpass Ultra Instinct?

Ans – Yes, we have witnessed Goku surpassing his own power levels tons of times and he will do it again. Goku’s Ultra Instinct form is one of the craziest things in Dragon Ball Super.
Moreover, attaining the Ultra Instinct forms, Goku is officially at a point between the power levels of the Gods of Destruction and the Angels. 

Final Words 

If you are here, it means you loved the article. We tried to share a bunch of amazing details about the fan-favorite character, Goku.

Make sure to share your valuable views in the comment section. Share the article with all Goku lovers. Stay connected for more of such interesting articles. 

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