Goku New Power Is One Of Cult Original Dragon Ball Abilities Of The Saiyan!! 

More than just a hair color change, Goku’s power growth in Dragon Ball Super includes a unique skill never previously seen in the series. Here is all we know about Goku new form. 

Warning: Chapter 86 of Dragon Ball Super, contains spoilers!

Is Goku new power gained from a fight against Gas and the Heeters?

Goku New Power
Credit – Comicbook.com

Dragon Ball Super’s fight against Gas and the Heeters has been resolved in a typical Dragon Ball manner by giving Goku a new power. 

The Z Fighters’ new hairstyle is not the only thing that makes them unique, as it might be the most powerful weapon in their arsenal as well.

As Goku’s father Bardock and his time on Planet Cereal were sporadically flashed back to, the battle against the Heeters, and in particular Gas, has been ongoing for several chapters. 

As it turns out, Bardock engaged Gas and prevailed against him at that time, though no footage was captured of the “how.” 

In spite of this, Goku and Vegeta were inspired by the recording to fight again, and even Granolah was inspired to realize his vengeance was not just for the Saiyans.

A witty combat!

Goku New Power
Credit – Comicbook.com

It appears at the beginning of Chapter 86 that Gas is displaying his full power as he engages Goku in combat. 

When Granolah awoke and came to assist, he powered up a single shot to put an end to it while Goku repelled the wish-enhanced foe. 

Despite the possibility of dispatching Gas in a single blow, Elec, the commander of the Heeters, rejects the idea, as the energy required would be sufficient to wipe out millions of people as well. 

In Goku’s plan, he launches Gas high enough in the air to avoid any blowback that could harm the ground. With all of his might, Goku quickly emitted a huge image of himself, grabbing Gas and sending him into the upper atmosphere.

How did Goku get his new power?

Goku new power is another departure from even Goku’s ki-based energy assaults in a series that is primarily recognized for lightspeed-paced martial arts. 

Although Goku was on the ground when it triggered, and his hair briefly glowed as if Ultra Instinct had activated, the precise nature of this power-up is still unclear. It could just be a new aspect of Ultra Instinct. 

Moreover, it is likely that Goku learned this from Gas during their battle, as Gas frequently utilized enormous energy constructs, as evidenced by the panel in which he produces enormous energy “shoes.” 

Goku new powers are truly amazing!

Goku New Power

As Goku new powers allow him to study and mimic his enemies’ movements, both possibilities are possible. 

However, if Goku is capable of conjuring an energy form the size of a Kaiju instantly, the series could be radically altered. Though it seems unlikely, there is always the possibility that Bardock employed this strategy.

There is no doubt that major changes to characters’ abilities will keep Dragon Ball Super feeling fresh, particularly as the series approaches its 40th anniversary (in 2024). 

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