All Goku Black Fights Explained – Goku Black Vs Goku

All Goku Black Fights Explained!! Truth Behind Super Saiyan Rose!!

Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Saga is one of the most fascinating parts of the whole franchise. The introduction of Goku’s counterpart resembling not only his looks but also his powers left the fan’s mind blown.
The Goku Black fights with the main protagonists of Dragon were stunning and the showcase of power was something astonishing. 

Who Is Goku Black?

Goku Black is popularly titled Black, a character who paved his name as one of the strongest antagonists in Dragon Ball Universe. He is the main villain of Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Saga.
When it comes to the revelation of his real identity, he is Zamasu, the Supreme Kai of Universe 10 from the unaltered main timeline. He is the Supreme Kai apprentice and North Kai offers service to his former master, Gowasu. 
Goku Black is one of the scariest villains who stepped into Universe 6, gathered the Super Dragon Balls from the original unaltered timeline, and summoned Super Shenron.
Goku Black Fight
He then wished to switch bodies with Goku, the hero of Universe 7. Though he was not initially referred to as Goku Black, Bulma later titled him “Goku Black.” 
So, in this article, we will explore more about the character, see some of the biggest Goku Black fights, and get in-depth detail about his powers and appearance. So, without wasting any time let’s dive in. 

Appearance of Goku Black 

When it comes to the original appearance of Goku Black, originally he resembles his future counterpart, Zamasu, an average height Kai with a slim figure and green skin and a white Mohawk.
However, later when he assaulted his master Gowasu, he picked up the outfit of his matching green-colored set complemented with gold chain Potara earrings. 
As the story proceeds and Goku Black, or rather Zamasu, wishes to switch bodies with Goku and his wish is granted, he for the first time gets the identity of Goku Black. Though he looked identical to Goku, it seems the creators have added a pinch of difference in his character sketch.
Goku Black Fight
As he has a bit darker skin tone and incredibly defined eyes, that makes the character more attractive. His hairs too appeared a shade darker with three back spikes and four front spikes.
After his transformation to Goku Black, the character switched his outfit to a dark grey vest, a red sash, black pants, a long-sleeved black undershirt, and white pointy boots.
In anime, Goku Black’s look appears incredible as he wears the Time Ring. But, in the manga, his counterpart wears it. Moreover, in the manga, Goku Black has slight thick outlines around his eyes. 

Powers Of Goku Black 

Goku Black is simply a powerhouse. In his base form, he is capable of overpowering Future Trunks’ Super Saiyan 2 form. In his first fight with Goku, his base form was slightly on par with Goku’s Super Saiyan 2 form as he failed to gain any advantage over him and overpower him.
However, as per the analysis of Future Trunks, gradually Goku Black got stronger on his base form in the future, which implies that Goku Black has not unleashed the full potential of his base form during his first fight with Goku.
When Goku Black stepped into the future, our superheroes noted that copying Goku’s combat styles and absorbing the Saiyans’ blows have offered him a push in terms of powers. In his base form, Goku Black was able to shock Vegeta with multiple moves and caught him off-guard. 
On unleashing his ultimate form, i.e., Super Saiyan Rose, he had the ability to defeat Vegeta within a blink with his piercing blade attack. However, later with Super Black Kamehameha, he eventually overpowered Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan 2 Future Trunks.
Goku Black Fight
Though in anime, Goku Black is shown at its best and the character is showcased easily handling the abilities, in mange the scenes were slightly different.
In the manga, Black initially struggles to cope with his new powers by switching to Goku Black’s body. However, later constant Goku Black fights made him compatible.
So, if we have to judge the true potential of Goku Black, in Dragon Ball Super rival danger scale, Goku Black’s strongest form, Super Saiyan Rose, is ranked twelve out of twelve. 

Characters Killed By Goku Black 

So, here is a list of all the characters murdered by one of the most powerful Dragon Ball antagonists, Goku Black – 
#1 Gowasu – Goku Black killed him to steal the Time Ring and Potara Earrings. 
#2 Rumsshi – He was the God of Destruction and he died as his existence was linked to Gowasu. 
#3 Goku – Goku of Goku Black’s timeline was killed when the latter stole his body. 
#4 Chi-Chi – Chi-Chi of Goku Black’s timeline was also killed along with Goten. 
#5 Future Gowasu – Murdered By Black 
#6 Future Rumsshi – Died as his life was linked to Future Gowasu.
#7 Future Supreme Kais – During his journey across several universes, Goku Black assaulted all the Supreme Kais. 
#8 Future Gods of Destruction – Black indirectly killed all the Gods of Destructions as their lives were connected to Supreme Kais. 
#9 Goku Black also murdered an unknown number of mortals living across several planets. 
#10 Future Bulma – Goku Black destroyed her lab and turned her to ashes. 
Goku Black Fight

Goku Black Fights 

Goku Black had tons of fights with the most powerful characters of Dragon Ball Super. Fights of Goku Black and Goku or Black vs Vegeta have been the iconic ones.
While some of the fights do not really take place and are solely based on assumptions and fan speculations. So, here we have covered all the Goku Black fights – 

Goku Black Vs Goku 

The deadly combat between Goku and Goku Black was something astonishing for the fans. When Black stepped into the present timeline hunting for Future Trunks, Goku and his companions were shocked to see a warrior identical to Goku.
However, now Goku stepped into the fight to counter Black. Goku Black eventually unleashed his golden-black ki sphere to attack Goku. However, our protagonist blocks it.
As the Saiyan shares his first blow, Goku Blck was surprised at the glimpse of his energy level. However, he gets even excited to get a worthy opponent. 
So, to cope up with Goku Black powers up and elevates his energy level. As he powers up, he manages to dominate the fight landing several blows on Goku.
At this moment, the question that hits Future Trunks is why the hell Goku is not utilizing his Super Saiyan 3 form? To this Vegeta replies explaining Goku’s habit of holding back his true potential at the beginning of the combat. 
Goku instantly retaliates, but Black has the answers to every move of Goku. However, when Goku Black gloats, he experiences a sharp distortion in space and time, which gives Goku an opportunity to land a kick on Black. Black encountered a severe injury, but it was just the beginning of a fatal war.
Black powers up and throws a wild ki blast on Goku. However, he manages to deflect it. Goku turns to full force and attacks Black. They both lock their fists and struggle to overpower each other.
Meanwhile, the pull of distortion gets stronger and interrupts the battle. However, before landing in his own timeline, Black managed to destroy Future Trunks’ time machine. 

Goku Black Vs Vegeta 

After Trunks stepped into the Future will Goku and Vegeta, the first fight Goku Black had was with Vegeta. However, before starting the battle, Black moves closer to the prince, touching his neck and showcasing his speed.
But Vegeta instantly counters with a barrage of punches. However, finding Vegeta stronger Black transforms into the “Super Saiyan Rose” form. Then he mocks Vegeta which ignites the latter’s anger.
Vegeta charges the villain and delivers multiple blows on Black. But he effortlessly counters them. Black lands a mighty blow on the Prince of Saiyan and attempts to finish him up with another blow. But Vegeta manages to deliver a counter move.
However, before Vegeta could create any potential damage, Black quickly turns his aura into a powerful blade and stabs his opponent, fatally wounding him. He then appreciates Vegeta for strengthening him. He thanks him for the warm-up before he actually fights the strongest Saiyan, Goku. 
However, in the manga, Vegeta transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and he easily overpowers Black. While Black accepts that he can’t reach the power of Super Saiyan Blue, Vegeta knocks him down.
However, when Vegeta was about to kill Black with his final blow, Future Zamasu steps into the scene as Black’s savior. Future Zamasu heals Goku Black and the battle resumes. 

Goku Black Vs Jiren – Who Will Win?

Though the battle between Goku Black and Jiren never took place, the fans are often excited to know what will happen in case Goku Black fights Jiren. Will he be able to dominate the fight, or will Jiren turn Black into ashes?
Goku Black was immensely powerful at the end of the series. He was even stronger than Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta. However, there was a good chance that Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken form can overpower Black. 
When it comes to Jiren, he is even stronger than Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x20 Goku. Moreover, his energy level is even superior to Goku’s initial ultra instinct state. So, if Jiren can overpower Goku in his Ultra Instinct form, it’s pretty obvious Goku Black, even at his full potential, stands no chance against Jiren. 

Goku Black Vs Beerus – Who Will Win?

We have seen Goku Black killing all the Supreme Kais of different Universes. However, when it comes to the Gods of Destruction, they are much superior to the Supreme Kais, in terms of power and Beerus is one of the strongest Gods of Destruction. So, who will win in case there is a fight between Goku Black and Lord Beerus?
Well, the answer may be clear for the dragon ball fans. Beerus will no doubt have an upper hand against Goku Black, even if he fuses with Zamasu. Previously, Whis mentioned that Vegeta and Goku are still small trees and Beerus is a castle, to highlight the power gaps between them.
So, it’s pretty obvious Goku Black doesn’t even stand a chance against Beerus and he will only be played around. The only way he can kill Beerus is by assaulting the Universe 7 Supreme Kai. Otherwise, Beerus’s Hakai is enough to turn Goku Black into ashes. 

Goku Black Vs Broly – Will Broly Beat Balck?

In case Goku Black fights the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, who will win? Will it be the cunning Super Saiyan Rose or the rage-loaded legendary Super Saiyan?
Though Goku Black is a powerhouse, defeating the Legendary Super Saiyan who offered a tough fight to one of the strongest warriors of Dragon Ball Universe Gogeta (the fused version of Goku and Vegeta) is not a child’s play.
Broly compelled Gogeta to go Super Saiyan Blue to defeat him. Moreover, Broly gets stronger with every fight. So, he may easily overpower Goku Black. 

Goku Black Vs Frieza – Will Frieza Overpower Goku Black?

In case there’s a fight between Frieza and Goku Black, who will win? Well, Frieza is considered one of the most evil as well as powerful villains in the Dragon Ball Universe.
So, he will surely offer a toe to toe fight with Goku Black. However, in case of a fight, Goku Black will surely dominate against Frieza. This fight may be similar to Goku and Frieza fight at Namek.
Though Frieza will initially decimate Black, the latter will grow stronger as the fight proceeds and with his Super Saiyan Rose form, Black can easily overpower Frieza. Black’s healing ability will also give him an upper hand against Frieza. 

Goku Black Vs Gogeta 

In case there is a fight between Gogeta and Goku Black, Gogeta may initially struggle, but ultimately with Goku’s mastery on Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s new form, Gogeta will win over Black.
In order to overpower Goku Black, Gogeta must push his previous limits and with both Goku and Vegeta’s powers combined, Gogeta can easily take down Goku Black even in his Super Saiyan Rose form. 

Goku Black Ultra Instinct

Super Dragon Ball Heroes introduced a bunch of concepts and characters surrounding the continuity of the Dragon Ball Super series. It revealed the return of Goku Black as a Masked Saiyan.
Now Goku Black is back with new abilities, the main question that follows his return is will he be able to achieve a form stronger than Goku’s Ultra Instinct form? Well, it’s nothing surprising if Goku Black achieves more power than the Ultra Instinct from owning Goku’s body.
However, our protagonist Goku will surely unleash a new form of power or energy in case black returns with such a gigantic arsenal. 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Why Beerus Did Not Fight Goku Black?

Ans – Beerus is one of the laziest Gods of Destruction and he is pretty passive. He is not so interested to be involved in something that involves any major threats to universe 7, letting the fighters handle the matters on their own.
However, Goku Black was not a risk to Universe 7, and he knew Goku and Vegeta could overpower him, so he did not really try to get his hands on Black. 

Q2: Who Will Win If Goku Black Fights Kefla?

Ans – Kefla is one of the strongest female Super Saiyans in the Dragon Ball Universe. However, she only defeated Goku in Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan Blue form.
Moreover, at that time, Goku was extremely exhausted after fights with Jiren and other fighters of the Tournament of Power. So, in case Goku Black fights Kefla, he could easily defeat her. 

Q3: Can Beerus Destroy Immortals Like Zamasu?

Ans – Goku initially believed that the Hakai technique has the potential to demolish immortals too, however, Beerus later confirmed that he cannot kill immortals with it. He can kill Universe 7 Zamasu, but he cannot assault Infinite Zamasu. 

Q4: What Is The Real Name Of Goku Black?

Ans – Goku Black is originally Zamasu. Bulma was the one who named him Goku Black as he is evil and he resembles Goku. 

Q5: Is Goku Black Really Goku?

Ans – Goku Black’s true identity is Zamasu, and he is from an unaltered timeline of Universe 10. He is the North Kai and the former servant of master Gowasu, the Supreme Kai of Universe 10. 

Q6: Who Will Fused Zamasu?

Ans – Future Trunks was the one who killed fused Zamasu. 

Q7: How Zamasu Survived Zeno?

Ans – After Zeno, the ultimate power erased Zamasu and the timeline, Future Trunks got stuck in the original timeline. However, Whis decided to rewind time and with Beerus, he went in and sealed the deadly Zamasu.
But Hearts plucked Zamasu out of the dimension even before Zeno erased him. 
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