Dragon Ball Revealed Gohan New Form Name!! It’s Not What You Think

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is just around the corner, and USA fans are badly waiting for it. While fans are cleaving, spoilers are floating on the Internet and we all know Gohan gets a new form. But what is Gohan new form name? It’s more shocking than you think… here is all we know.

The Dragon Ball universe has always received a great response from the crowd. Whether by a child or an adult, the rating received by this cartoon is beyond the sky. The new article released by the DBZ team revealed that Gohan would not be in the stands this time. He will make his return with his old partner by his side, Piccolo. Both have a history of working together in the past. The team will fight against its new enemy, The Red Ribbon Army. The author also revealed Gohan’s new form name. So, here is all we know. 

Deadly fight against the Red Ribbon Army

Gohan New Form Name
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Johan and the team in the new movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, is fighting against its old enemy “The Red Ribbon Army. Akira Toriyama has confirmed that the son of Goku, Gohan, is going to achieve a new form. 

The last time Gohan transformed was when he was fighting against the Cell during its childhood period. 

However, while battling against the Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, the fiercest fighters of the Red Ribbon Army, he will transform himself into something no one has ever seen! So, what will Gohan new form name be? 

In this new appearance, the Z-fighter hair will turn grey, and their eyes blood, the reason why Gohan’s new form name is “Son Gohan Beast.” 

Gohan new form name & description!! 

Gohan New Form Name
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Gohan new form name is “Son Gohan Beast.” A beast is in his name because the beast inside him is awakened. 

Though Gohan has also achieved some transformation in the past, this time, it is entirely different. The thought behind this is that he needed this power level to face the enemies. 

While drawing the character, the author gave him a scary face and pale skin, which doesn’t feel like Gohan. So instead, he just fit the normal upturn hair, which turns out to be surprisingly good! 

Everyone praised him, and he felt respectfully obliged for that. Further, the author stated that he is not even sure what he should do with Gohan if the need for his transformation arises again.

Something more about the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Gohan New Form Name
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The Granolah Arc takes place in the Dragon Ball Super comic story, with Gohan and Piccolo on the substitute with Goku and Vegeta in front and center to battle against the enemy organization known as the Heaters. 

Fans are already crazy for this Dragon Ball movie, and after hearing Gohan new form name, the wildness among them has already reached its peak. Comments are flowing on the internet, and discussions are made on various platforms regarding the new movie of the Dragon Ball universe!

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