Dragon Ball Super Creators Revealed Gohan And Piccolo’s Real Relationship Theory!!

With the release of Dragon Ball Super Super Hero in Japan, the characters – Gohan and Piccolo have got new lives. While Kakarot’s son has been on the off-side for a long time, the new movie also gives Piccolo the respect he deserves. However, with these two characters grabbing the limelight, the fans have showered their theories about Gohan and Piccolo’s real relationship. Some say Piccolo is a father figure to Gohan, while some say he is the lifeline of Gohan. So, finally, after a lot of debates, the creators have opened up on the real relationship between Gohan and Piccolo. Here is all we know.

Akira Toriyama Opens Up About Gohan And Piccolo’s Relationship!! 

Gohan And Piccolo
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 It’s the first time in Dragon Ball history that the duo of Gohan and Piccolo is taking the center stage. Gohan wears Piccolo’s color right from the Cell Games and now, the fans have got the golden opportunity to watch them side by side, fighting the evils. 

While there is a lot of hype about the movie, fans are curious to know how the creators are shaping Gohan and Piccolo’s relationship. 

When this question reached Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, he said, “Gohan always had a strong bond with Piccolo, ever since training with him as a young child. And Videl and Pan likewise think of Piccolo as a family member they can rely on more than others.” 

Gohan And Piccolo
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While Akira Toriyama made sure that the relationship between Gohan and Piccolo stays strong, he also teased how the new Dragon Ball Super movie will shape the future of Gohan. 

He revealed, “Gohan is actually stronger than anyone… or so it’s said, but lately he has not really gotten a chance to shine. In order to motivate Gohan, it takes his revered teacher Piccolo rather than his father, Goku.”

Akira Toriyama’s statement gave the fans a big answer to their questions about Piccolo and Gohan’s relationship. Though Piccolo was never titled as a surrogate father for Gohan, he has always acted as one in the absence of Goku. 

When it comes to Goku, he is the strongest Saiyan on Earth who jumps across different planets, timelines, and multiverse to protect his people. However, in the process, he leaves behind all his family responsibilities. So, when Gohan felt the void of his father, Piccolo walked into his life as a guide and mentor. 

So, with Dragon Ball Super Super Hero dropping in the USA on August 19, 2022, it’s confirmed that we will witness new flavors in Gohan and Piccolo’s relationship. So, fans, are you excited to see the duo with a new touch? Tell us in the comment box. 

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