God Of Destruction | Everything You Need To Know [2021-2022]

Everything You Need To Know About God Of Destruction!!

The introduction of Lord Beerus raised a million questions among the Dragon Ball lovers. Most fans are curious to know about the true powers of the Gods of Destruction.
Do they have the power to face the Angels? Or Can Beerus fight Goku as he has mastered Ultra Instinct now? In this article, we will discuss the powers of all Gods of Destruction and unveil some hidden facts about them. So, make sure you don’t miss out on any point. 

God Of Destruction –

Dragon Ball Super’s Gods of Destruction are among the most powerful and courageous entities in the Universe. With the abilities of the gods, they are fearsome and always ready for a fight. All Gods of Destruction are often referred to as Destroyers as they are the deities who wipe out planets, threats, or races that develop unwanted risks for the universes.
Supreme Kai and the Gods of Destruction work simultaneously to maintain the balance of the universe. So, with the Kais, they too rule and manage the twelve universes. 
The mythology of the existence of divine beings popped up in the scene in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, when the Universe 7’s Destruction God, Beerus arrived on the scene. The plot has highlighted a Destroyer as one of the most powerful deities, whose sole purpose is destruction and violence.
While the Kais are responsible for the creation of life, the Gods of Destruction carry the responsibility to maintain a balance in the universe by eliminating the planets or any other major threats.
Destroyers don’t need a reason to wipe out a planet and it simply depends upon their mood. Bagging some divine abilities, the Gods of destruction can eliminate a planet from the Universe within a blink of seconds. 

Personality Of All Gods Of Destruction 

Though the Destruction Gods possess a handful of powers and are often seen enjoying their duties, some of them revel in it too.
They are not evil by birth, as many can be benevolent and do not appear to revel in their destruction. They use these abilities to ensure the proper functioning of the universe and enforce justice in their universe. Usually, the Gods of Destruction are well-mannered and calm when they are in a good mood.
In the case of Beerus and Champa, their medicine for anger is food. Lord Beerus even joined hands with mortals when it came to delicious food. 
god of destruction

Powers Of Gods Of Destruction 

The Gods of Destruction are some of the most fearsome entities in the Dragon Ball Universe. Possessing a handful of godly abilities, they are the most feared entities around the multiverse.
Destroyers have the incredible Aura of a God ability and their signature move, Hakai is incredibly fatal.
Though Ultra Instinct is quoted as a godly ability, even with the training from Angels, many Gods of Destruction failed to achieve the form. However, Beerus has shown a glimpse of the transformation. 
When it comes to achieving the Gods of Destruction form, it appears that the lowest level of energy required is somewhat similar to the Perfected Super Saiyan Blue transformation.
As we have witnessed Goku uses an attack similar to Hakai in that form. Beerus noted that the Prince of Saiyan Vegeta is a good candidate for acquiring the throne of a Gods of Destruction. While Toppo, a worthy candidate for Destroyer’s post, revealed the power a Destroyer must-have. 
Despite all gods of destruction having equal authority and powers, some are weak like Champa, while some are incredibly powerful like Lord Beerus.
But why is it so? As we know Dragon Ball is all about training. We have seen our heroes surpassing each other with efficient training. The same goes with the Gods of Destruction. With proper training under the Angels, many Destroyers have unleashed their potential. While many failed due to the lack of training. 
In anime, all Gods of Destruction have the insane “Power of Destruction ”, which allows them to wipe out a particular object or being in contact without even indulging in a fight.
All destroyers hold this ability. Moreover, some of the destroyers have the ability to grant their energies to other entities. 
god of destruction

God Of Destruction Vegeta – Is Vegeta A Worth Destroyer Candidate?

With Vegeta unleashing his latest Ultra Ego form, a hot debate has ignited on social media on is Vegeta the next Gods of Destruction? 
The Power of Destruction is one of the most divine energies possessed by Gods of Destruction.
This ability is accessible through Hakai and in anime it also allows them to access the Energy of Destruction. In the latest Dragon Ball Super manga, Granolah arc, we have witnessed the Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta unlocking a new form that appears cool as well as fatal.
Vegeta accessed his Ultra Ego form against the mighty Garnolah after his Super Saiyan God SS Evolved transformation was overpowered by the enemy. 
The plot later revealed that Vegeta surpassed his old power levels under the training of Universe 7, God of Destruction, Beerus. Seeing the personality of Beerus, it seems the Destroyer has picked Vegeta as a worthy candidate for the Gods of Destruction post and thus has decided to train him.
So, now, with a mysterious combination of the Ultra Instinct and Gods of Destruction powers, Vegeta can step into the post of Destroyer in the future. 

God Of Destruction Goku – Will Goku Be A Destroyer?

If Goku is offered the chance of becoming the next universe 7 Destroyer, will he take the opportunity? 
Goku is the first warrior from Earth who achieved some godly powers and even the powers many gods failed to acquire, the Ultra Instinct form.
So, it’s pretty obvious that the fans will wish to see him in the authority of the God of Destruction. Under the training of Whis and Meerus, Goku may master his Ultra Instinct form and now may have power exceeding Gods. 
However, when it comes to being a God of Destruction, Goku may reject the chance as it will surely go against Goku’s personality and kind-heartedness. So, there are less to no chances of witnessing Gods of Destruction Goku. 
god of destruction

God Of Destruction Toppo 

Top, popular as Toppo, is the leader of the Pride Troopers. He has often titled the guardian of peace. Toppo is a Destroyer under training to take the post of Universe 11’s next God of Destruction.
He is a humble, warm-blooded, and incredibly powerful warrior from universe 11, who is a worthy Destroyer candidate. In the Tournament of Power, Top showcased his godly abilities and transformations and justified why he is a good pick for the Destroyer’s throne. 

All God Of Destruction 

Here is the list of all Destroyers from the twelve universe – 

  • Beerus
  • Champa 
  • Sidra 
  • Heles 
  • Quitela
  • Belmond
  • Rumsshi
  • Mule
  • Iwan
  • Arak
  • Liquirr
  • Giin 
  • Top 

god of destruction
Beerus is the first God of Destruction introduced to the fans in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. He stepped into the scene with his Angelic partner Whis, in search of a mysterious warrior, Super Saiyan God. Later, Beerus was revealed as the Universe 7 Destroyer who possesses divine abilities. 
Champa is introduced as the Gods of Destruction of Universe 6. Being Beerus’s brother, Champa too has tons of divine powers. However, he is weaker than Beerus. His constant clashes with Beerus adds spice to the plot and make it super-entertaining for fans. 
Sidra is Universe 9’s Destroyer. Sidra’s team of warriors was the fight team to get eliminated from the Tournament of Power as they lost to Goku’s team. However, at the climax, he along with other warriors was restored back to life.
Heles is the only female Gods of Destruction. She is known for her adorable looks and incredible beauty. For the majority party of the Tournament of Power, Heles talked about love and beauty, and see had incredible influence on Ribrianne and the other team members. 
Quitela is highlighted as the most cunning and manipulative Destroyer in the Dragon Ball Universe. Hailing from Universe 4, he is incredibly powerful and he was the one who manipulated Sidra against Frieza. 
Belmond may appear as one of the funniest characters resembling a clown, he is incredibly mysterious. Being the Destroyer of one of the most powerful Universes, Universe 11, he too is a powerhouse.
He was pretty confident that Jiren, the most powerful warrior of his Universe, will single-handedly dominate the tournament of power. 
Resembling a pink elephant, Rumsshi is the Destroyer of Universe 10. It’s the same universe that ignited the conflict of Zamasu and led to the Goku Black saga. Rumsshi focused on brawn and neglected brains. He gathered the most powerful warriors from Universe 10 to participate in the Tournament Of Power. 
Coming from Universe 3, the land of robots, its God of Destruction too is a robotic creature, who was quoted to be Mosco. Mosco is a robotic Destruction God, who communicates with beeps. 
 Iwan, Arak, Liquirr and Giin 
When the Tournament of Power was organised the Universes 1, 5, 8, and 12 were excluded from the scene as they were titled more powerful than most of the universes.
So, not much is known about their Gods of Destruction. However, we know their names. Iwan is Universe 1’s Destroyer, Giin is Universe 12’s destroyer, Arak is Universe 5’s Destroyer and Liquirr is Universe 8’s destroyer. 
The top is one of the most powerful warriors from Universe 11. Though he is still not a Gods of Destruction, he is training to be one. During the Tournament of Power, he showcased his godly abilities and he even reached a point where he stepped into the God of Destruction Mode. 

Strongest God Of Destruction 

The three competitors for the strongest destroyer’s post are – Beerus, Quitela, and Belmond. Though the creator, Akira Toriyama has not yet confirmed who is the strongest Goda of Destruction? After the Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 28, most fans title Beerus as the most powerful.
As Beerus has a wide arsenal of abilities backed by incredible intelligence. He has the ability to dodge and counterattack. When he was attacked by all the other Gods of Destruction, he managed to fool them and kicked Champa in the sky, countering the other Destroyers with an energy ball.
However, Quitela was the one who defeated Beerus in arm wrestling. So, it’s pretty difficult to pick one as the most powerful until the creators announce the details. 
god of destruction

10 Unknown Facts About Gods Of Destruction 

The Gods of Destruction may be among the most powerful entities in Dragon Ball Universe, but there are some details hidden about them. Here are the top 10 interesting facts about the God of Destruction – 
#1 Zeno can destroy the Gods of Destruction within a blink, in case they neglect their duties. 
#2 In case a Supreme Kai perishes, the life of the respective Gods of Destruction is in danger too. 
#3 Gods of Destruction can be replaced by worthy candidates.
#4 They have to attend meetings and group discussions with Supreme Kais. 
#5 Goku possesses the power to beat most of the Gods of Destruction. 
#6 Though they have the ability to travel in time, they are not allowed to do so. 
#7 Jiren is far more powerful than all Gods of Destruction. 
#8 They are answerable to the Angels. 
#9 They can go full hulk with rage mode.
#10 They have the ability to disintegrate or influence people. 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Who Will Be The New God of Destruction Of Universe 7?

Ans – The story has not revealed the potential successor to Lord Beerus. Though with Vegeta unlocking a new form similar to the Destroyers, there are tons of rumors that the Prince of Saiyan may be the next God of Destruction of Universe 7, nothing is confirmed yet.
Moreover, Beerus, too, has noted Vegeta as a worthy candidate. So, fingers crossed, and let’s see what the creators bring us. 

Q2: Will Broly Be The Next God of Destruction?

Ans – Broly’s nature filled with rage and pride makes him a capable contender of becoming the Destroyer of Universe 7. He is one of the most powerful warriors who initially overpowered both Goku and Vegeta. So, he may be a good choice for the Destroyer’s post. 

Q3: Who Is The Current Angel Of Universe 7?

Ans – This is the current Angel of Universe 7, while Beerus is the God of Destruction and Shin is the Supreme Kai. 

Q4: Who Is The Strongest God Of Destruction?

Ans – The three most powerful Gods of Destruction are – Beerus, Quitela, and Belmond. Though the fans believe Beerus to be the strongest, there is no official confirmation. 

Q5: Who Is The Weakest God Of Destruction? 

Ans – Iwne, the God of Destruction of Universe 1 is the weakest Destroyer in the Dragon Ball franchise. 

Q6: Who Is The Goddess Of Destruction?

Ans – Helles, the only female Destroyer is often titled the Goddess of Destruction. She is from Universe 2 and is accompanied by Sour, her attendant. She tends to wipe off things she considers ugly. She is one of the most adorable characters in the Dragon Ball franchise. 

Q7: Who Is The Laziest God Of Destruction?

Ans – Beerus is the laziest God of Destruction as he spends majority of his time taking naps and eating, rather than performing his duties as a Destroyer. 


So, here are the complete details on all Gods of Destruction. Hope you the article offers enough information on the topic. Make sure to share your valuable comments below and spread this article among all Dragon Ball lovers. Follow us for more interesting content on Dragon Ball. 

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