Future Trunks Saved The Dragon Ball Universe By Breaking It!! Here’s How?

Future Trunks has turned out to be one of the finest fighters the Dragon Ball Universe has ever produced. Whether it’s about cutting Frieza into two halves or overpowering Goku Black, he has always impressed the fans. But do you know Future Trunks have actually saved the Dragon Ball Universe? 

As we all know, the person about whom we are talking about is none other than Trunks, son of Saiyan Prince Vegeta and Bulma. 

It is said about Trunks that he accidentally saved the Dragon Ball Universe by breaking. However, the statement itself is a mystery. Saving something by breaking it doesn’t make any sense. 

But the statement turns out to be true in the case of Trunks. Trunks’ Dragon Ball appearances keep on happening now and then. He is the warrior who is not afraid to put his life on the line to save the universe. Even if he had to travel through a time machine into the dark unknown universes, he would not break a sweat. 

However, during his first mission involving a time machine and fractured timeline, he accidentally broke the Dragon Ball Universe and saved it.

A glimpse of Trunks:

Future Trunks
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Trunks’ Dragon Ball’s appearance happened in episode 330, written by Akira Toriyama. The first time Trunks was seen by the Horde is back when he visited Earth to save it from the attack of androids before they became indestructible. 

However, Trunks discovered that the universes he was saving were not changing his timeline. Instead, he discovered the intervention in universes that he made, even though, for good reasons, he jagged his timeline and ultimately broke the Dragon Ball Universe.

Thankfully, the discovery made in Dragon Ball Super was quite relieving. Instead of being destroyed, the universe is transformed into a new timeline, monitored by the Kai of that Universe in the Time Ring. 

Though the result was not so dull, it is still considered a crime to alter the timeline, and the actions of Trunks didn’t go unnoticed. 

Dark Demon Realm Mission:

Future Trunks
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In Super Dragon Ball: Dark Demon Realm Mission, as usual, after correcting the bad in the universe, Trunks was returning to the future. 

However, his time machine was seized by the guardian of time Chronoa and escorted to the place outside the Time Nest. Chronoa blamed Trunks for the creation of new timelines. 

However, he sensed some dark energy emerging from the place, joined forces with Chronoa, and vowed to bring down the people behind it. 

Trunks Dragon Ball’s appearance already pleases the crowd very much, and they love to watch him in one of the Dragon Ball cartoons.

End Game of Dark Demon Realm Mission:

Future Trunks
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After some digging, the main reason behind the new timelines was the evil entities from Dark Realm. 

They were plotting against the mortal realm and wanted to take possession of it. To counter them, Trunks created a multiversal police force known as Time Patrol. With Time Patrol and his powers combined, Trunks defeated the threat which was rising. 

At the end of the saga, it was revealed that Trunks achieved the form of Super Saiyan God to defeat the Dark Army Empire with his fellow Time Patrol mates (Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan. In this way, he saved the timeline from being melded, ultimately saving the Dragon Ball Universe by breaking it.

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