Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Release Date, Cast & More!! Here Are The Fresh Updates

With Fear of the Walking Dead wrapping off its seventh installment, the fans are worried about the next chapter. So, what’s the deal with Fear the Walking Dead Season 8, when will it be released? Here are all the hot updates. 

Fear the Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series created by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson for AMC. 

It is a spin-off to the first three seasons and serves as a prequel, focusing on a blended family that experiences the start of the zombie apocalypse. 

Subsequent seasons run concurrently to the original show, with Morgan Jones (Lennie James) crossing over into the series.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Release Date 

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Release Date 
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It’s still unclear when Season 8 of Fear The Walking Dead will air. AMC has not released an official release date yet, but they have previously confirmed that the season will be longer than previous seasons and feature a new character played by Lennie James.

According to sources, we can expect Season 8 to premiere in late 2022. Look for a similar time between the Season 7B finale and the Season 8 premiere since it takes roughly five months between the Season 7 mid-season close and the Season 7B start. 

As a result, around November 2022, you can expect Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 to debut.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Cast Updates

The cast includes Kim Dickens as Madison, Cliff Curtis as Travis, Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia, Frank Dillane as Nick, Elizabeth Rodriguez (Gina), Lorenzo Lamas (Carlos), Mercedes Mason (Christa), Colman Domingo (Answers Man), Andrew J. West(Oz).

Exploring the Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Plot

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Release Date 
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 explores the early days of the outbreak while following a group of survivors attempting to build new communities and withstand the threats posed by undead humans, zombies, and other terrifying creatures.

The season will also see Rick facing his biggest challenges yet as he tries to hold on to what’s left of society while dealing with turmoil at home.

In Fear the Walking Dead Season 8, several big questions need answering, including What caused the zombie pandemic? Who started it? And from where did all these zombies come? 

Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Release Date 
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Fans can expect explosive action sequences and emotional character dramas as they follow protagonist Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) on an epic journey into darkness.

We can’t speculate what Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 will be like before we know what Season 7B brings, but there should be plenty of action based on the synopsis.


All the excitement and suspense coming up with watching a gripping television series is about to begin for Fear The Walking Dead Season 8, which is just around the corner. According to many sources, this season is one of the best in the show’s history. 

Will Rick make it out alive? What will happen to Alicia and Ezekiel? Will Strand finally get what he deserves? 

We can’t wait to find out! In the meantime, bookmark our website for updates about Fear The Walking Dead Season 8. 

So that you don’t miss a moment of the action, we’ll keep you updated on all the latest news and spoilers!

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  1. I have never missed any of the entire universe episodes. Keep it going. At 66 and disabled the show keeps me going.

  2. Wait, WHAT? How is Rick jumping to Fear when he’s been “missing” in TWD for couple seasons taken by the CRM and not seen since. Not even in Worlds Beyond. Wow. Crazy, it’s just getting crazy.

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