Father Stu Is On Netflix!! Stream It Or Skip It? Detailed Review

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After all, who was Father Stu?

father stu
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Yes, he was a natural person. It’s a true story based on Stuart Long, an amateur boxer who is played as an innocent ruffian with shaggy hair and a handlebar mustache grinding away at being a fantastic fighter because life hasn’t given him any further options!! 

Also, he was a priest for only four years

But he was remembered for bringing “a servant’s heart to each and every every ministry, his love increasing in power as physical strength declined”, his obituary read. Did you know he became a beloved priest, confessor, and friend to countless people? 

Something more about Father Stu, please?

father stu
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With 6.4/10 IMDB ratings, this film can be said as one of the must-watch movies on Netflix. 

Father Stu is a 2022 biographical drama film written and directed by Rosalind Ross in her directorial debut. The film stars Mark Wahlberg, who also stars as Stuart Long, a boxer turned Catholic priest suffering from inclusion body myositis! 

After all, what illness did Father Stu have?

During his time at the seminary, he’s diagnosed with inclusion body myositis, a degenerative muscle disease that renders him disabled, but also, little did he know that it will lead him to the most significant spiritual awakening! 

And yes, guys, if you haven’t yet watched Father Stu on Netflix, watch it ASAP!

Let’s say this movie is worth your pennies. The performance is incredible; you will thank us later for suggesting this one. Father Stu’s film’s most memorable dialogue was during his first confession. He said that he had never done this before. He rattled off the ways; he fucked up! Was this part your favorite? For us, the entire movie was a master blaster! 

The film was released in the US during Holy Week (leading up to Easter)

father stu
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Yes, it came on Netflix on 16th September 2022. The movie was being awaited by the fanbase to go on Netflix after the theatrical release. 

We are, in fact, also thinking that the cinema Father Stu was going to come later in January 2023 and might have dropped earlier. But it’s also available on Amazon Prime, Vudu, and so on!


So guys, do you feel this movie Father Stu is a must-watch? Also, comment below on whether you have seen this movie till now or not.

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