Fans Spotted The Biggest Link Between Yellowstone’s Beth & 1883 Elsa 

With the Yellowstone series and its prequel 1883 getting so much love from the fans, they are now pointing out the major links between two stunning characters, Yellowstone’s Beth and 1883 Elsa Dutton.

The fandom of the Yellowstone franchise has reached new levels. Moreover, with the creators gradually expanding the Yellowstone universe introducing spinoffs, the fans have got obsessed with it. 

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The recently launched series 1883 has got the attention of the fans with Elsa Dutton getting the limelight. While with the fourth chapter of Yellowstone wrapping off, Beth Dutton is already a fan-favorite character.

So, today in this article, we will showcase the connecting strings between Beth Dutton from Yellowstone and 1883 Elsa Dutton. 

Similarities Between Beth Dutton & 1883 Elsa Dutton 

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Elsa Dutton and her descendant, Beth Dutton are two of the most prominent characters of the Yellowstone franchise. While Beth has been the face of the original Yellowstone series, Elsa has impressed the fans with her role in the 1883 series. 

If you are wondering what are the similarities between Elsa Dutton and Beth Dutton, believe us there are many. So, let’s dive into it – 

Their Approach To Life 

The biggest similarity between Beth Dutton and 1883 Elsa Dutton is their approach to life. Both the women desire to weave a life of their own kind. They are natural-born rebels who cannot coat themselves with the norms of life. While society compels individuals not to raise their voices and use any harsh words to prevail kindness and pushes us to pretend. Beth refuses to walk on the road of rules defined by society. 

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1883 Elsa too did something similar by refusing to fit into the understanding of womanhood of the world. While society pushes her to be a typical woman wearing traditional clothes, she refuses. Instead, he hung around with cowboys, had multiple lovers, and led her life with a very lady-like attitude. 

Firm Determination 

Another biggest similarity that connects the two characters is their firm determination toward their goals. No matter what they encounter, both Elsa and Beth always know what they want and they are eager to do everything it takes to achieve their goals. There was no place for confusion when it came to their desires. 

Fans Spotted The Biggest Similarity Between Yellowstone Beth & 1883 Elsa 

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Like Beth, Elsa too was aware of her fate. Though she is often referred to as a dreamer by her mother. She inspected the darker shades of life. She knew that at the end of the day, life and death must co-exist. 

Furthermore, the fans on Reddit ignited a hot debate on what are the major similarities between the two characters. So, here is what Sassyshows gathered from Reddit – 

In a sizzling hot debate about both the women, one fan said, “I am not sure if anyone else has figured this out or not, but I have been rewatching Yellowstone as I have been watching 1883, and when rip and Beth are drinking whiskey on the roof, she pretty much word for word repeats Elsa’s line about heaven and hell existing side by side.

 So, what do you think about Beth and 1883 Elsa Dutton? Who is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section. 

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6 thoughts on “Fans Spotted The Biggest Link Between Yellowstone’s Beth & 1883 Elsa ”

  1. Elsa had no children, so Beth is not a direct descendant of Elsa’s. Beth is more like a great great niece of Elsa’s.

  2. I love both characters equally. They are unique and very similar in their own ways. For their period time. Elsa was definitely very intuitive about life and how you had to live it. Tomorrow isn’t promised. She loved and grieved deeply. Beth is also very much always looking for love and acceptance. Both women are beyond amazing and smart. I love these stories and I hope they continue for years. Thank you for allowing us into your world.

  3. Beth is such s bitch,where Elsa is a sweet innocent young woman. Beth needs someone to take her down a peg or two. Team Elsa for sure.


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