Fans Are Dying To See These Dragon Ball Video Game Characters Enter Anime!! 

The Dragon Ball franchise is enormous, and there are numerous anime programs and films, a tonne of manga, and, of course, a tonne of computer games. 

Even though the games were clearly not as crucial to the series’ development as the anime and manga, they nonetheless left an impact on the franchise. Characters from the games have been introduced, which has impacted the Dragon Ball universe. 

Some of these characters ultimately appeared in other forms of media, while others are still only found in video games. We have identified the best Dragon Ball video game characters here. Let’s find out.

These Dragon Ball Video Game Characters Are Awesome 

Android 21

Dragon Ball Video Game Characters

Android 21 is the model for the Dragon Ball video game character, even though she was only recently introduced in the Dragon Ball video games. 

Although she made her film debut in FighterZ and has since made appearances in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, she has yet to make an anime or manga appearance. That has yet to stop her from being very well-liked among Dragon Ball fans.


Speaking of bad guys, the primary foe in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is Sealas. 

He is a former time patroller who, with the aid of his A., is firmly committed to upholding his bizarre conception of justice. 


Dragon Ball Video Game Characters
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Although Shallot is a Saiyan by nature, he tells an intriguing tale in Dragon Ball Legends about how he has no memory of ending up in a more contemporary timeline with the characters that fans of the franchise are familiar with and adore. As the primary characters, players in Dragon Ball Legends aid Shallot in strengthening himself as he discovers the solutions he seeks.


The EX Fusion between Cell and Frieza, two of Dragon Ball Z’s primary antagonists, is another character from Dragon Ball Fusions. The two villains look amazing together, with Cell’s modified exoskeleton and the combo of their faces appearing stunning in purple. Cellza, as opposed to Barlot, may be quickly introduced in the anime after Frieza is back among the living. 

Fusing might be the only way to fulfill his wish for Cell to survive and help him destroy the Z warriors. Cellza would be unstoppable if they raised Cell to a level like what Frieza attained in Super, at least until Goku created another outrageously potent form and defeated them.


Dragon Ball Video Game Characters

Similar to Dragon Ball Fusions, Dragon Ball Legends took the Dragon Ball universe and lore and twisted it to create brand-new original characters. One such person was Zahha, who served as the primary adversary in the smartphone game Dragon Ball Legends. 

He is also accountable for one of the more graphic incidents in Dragon Ball history, as he practically backstabbed Shallot in the game. Zahha has always been one of the more distinctive fighters in the Dragon Ball world because he wields not just one but two swords that function independently of him, while his power serves as the spark that allows them to be controlled.

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