Shocking Truth We Bet You Don’t Know About Dragon Ball Piccolo

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So, today we are here to talk about the oh-so-greatest Demon King, Dragon Ball Piccolo. Here are some unknown facts about the character… 

Dragonball Piccolo is a significant character in the franchise 

Dragon Ball Piccolo
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We know some of the basics. But still, there’s much more to it. Yes, in short, everyone knows the Demon King,  Dragonball Piccolo is the mentor of Gohan and ex-guardian of Earth. 

So without wasting time, let’s read the lesser-known facts or Dragonball Piccolo! 

Voice Actor of Piccolo is his biggest fan

Oh really, this is genuinely a lesser-known fact. The English language dub actor Christopher Sabat is synonymous with Dragonball Piccolo. 

Thank you, Crunchyroll, for letting us know this. Furukawa has immense love and respect for Piccolo, so he proudly accepts it. He accepts that in a recent interview, too!

Who was the first hero shown to reach a power level of one million?

Dragon Ball Piccolo

The very first is Dragonball Piccolo, to surpass one million on screen. Piccolo’s new strength leads Frieza to change into his third form. 

Who doesn’t remember how Dragonball Piccolo took an impressive milestone before Goku? 

Did you know Dragonball Piccolo is the only person who lost to Goku in a World Martial Arts Tournament Final?

Yes, we know how Goku won most of the fights, but Dragonball Piccolo was the one who was defeated in the final round of the World Martial Arts Tournaments twice! Ah, yes. This is not a much-known fact! 

Yes, you guys need to know this thing about Dragonball Piccolo that he hardly uses his most famous technique in the manga… 

We all know his famous signature move is Makankossapo. Yes, this technique was used in the fight with Goku’s brother. And yes, how Raditz was used twice, which we loved. 

Did you know Dragonball Piccolo has more fingers in the anime?

Dragon Ball Piccolo
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Yes, the color of the scales changes from gold to pink. Yes, Dragon ball Piccolo has an extra finger. Yes, he has three fingers and a thumb, too! 


Well, guys, did you know these unknown facts about none other than Dragonball Piccolo? 

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