Eternals Ending Explained!! Shocking Reveals You May Have Overlooked!!

The film, directed by Academy Award winner Chloé Zhao, is about a group of ultra-powerful creatures that have quietly safeguarded Earth for hundreds of years (yes, even while the Thanos crisis was unfolding). When their old opponents, the Deviants, reappear, they are compelled to reunite after drifting apart. Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan, and a slew of other well-known actors feature in Eternals.

Eternals Ending Explained
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If you already go through the Eternals spoilers before watching the film on Disney+ — or if you have already seen the film and are still perplexed — go through the Eternals ending explained below. Do you want to know how Eternals ends? Or maybe you are simply curious as to when Harry Styles will appear in Eternals. We have got you covered here.

Eternals Plot Explained 

Like another contemporary Marvel film, Shang-Chi, Zhao’s movie begins several thousand years ago, in the year 5,000 BC, when the godlike Celestial Arishem sent the 10 Eternals to destroy the Deviants (a robot-looking monster, muddy). After that, as Eternals ending explained, they live mostly different lives for the next 500 years, hoping for Arishem’s comeback.

The strong Eternal Sersi’s fresh start with human lover Dan (played by Kit Harington) is shattered in the current era when the Deviants reappear. As a result, she and other Eternals such as Sprite (portrayed by Lia McHugh) and Ikaris (played by Richard Madden, who is Sersi’s ex-lover) go to meet with Eternals commander Ajak (played by Salma Hayek), only to discover that she has been killed by the Deviant Kro (portrayed by Bill Skarsgrd).

When Arishem explains to Sersi that the Eternals were not sent to Earth to preserve it, the condition becomes worse. Rather Eternals ending explained, they were dispatched to Earth to prepare for the “Emergence” (birth of Tiamut, a new Celestial), which would wipe out all life on Earth.

Sersi and her companions were horrified, so they set out to rejoin the remainder of the Eternals and preserve mankind from the Emergence. What is more, guess what? There is one more major twist: Ikaris confesses that Ajak had told him about the Emergence six days before, but he decided to stand with Arishem and is the true killer of Arishem.

As the Eternals ending explained, the remainder of the Eternals is compelled to battle against them when Sprite joins Ikaris owing to her young love for him.

What Happens to Ikaris At The End Of Eternals?

Ikaris appeared to have died in Eternals’ cliffhanger finale, but is Richard Madden’s role truly dead? Ikaris went into space and headed straight for the sun after realizing he could not go through with slaughtering Sersi to prevent her from stopping Tiamut’s Emergence. The finale of Eternals turns away from him before his flaming demise is seen, leaving his MCU destiny unknown. Now, it appears that the Eternals think Ikaris is killed since Kingo expresses regret over what happened to him.

However, it is unknown how they would have learned about this. Eternals ending explained that the other Eternals were unable to detect Ajak’s demise, so they should be unable to do this for Ikaris. The one caveat to keep in mind is that Sersi has become the Prime Eternal. Thus she may have a deeper relationship with the other Eternals and be aware of Ikaris’ death.

Ikaris soaring into the sun is Marvel’s reference to Icarus’ story from Greek mythology, and the Eternals interpreted it as a Sprite emerging fable. The similarity to this narrative is understandable, but Marvel and Zhao purposefully opted to keep Ikaris’ fate unresolved. As Eternals ending explained, this offers them more latitude with Richard Madden’s MCU figure.

Ikaris may be killed and never seen again, or he could have escaped in some way. Maybe the Eternals are strong enough to withstand the sun’s rays, or Arishem intervened and took Ikaris before he perished. For the time being, it is probably safest to assume that Ikaris died at the conclusion of Eternals, even though Marvel might bring him back later.

Where Each Character Of The Large Team Ends Up?

As Eternals ending explained, Druig, Makkari and Thena depart Earth in the Domo starship in the film’s last minutes to locate more Eternals. When they go to new planets, they are eager to find more of their kind and teach them the reality about the Celestials and the Eternals’ mission. As demonstrated in the Eternals post-credits sequence, they take a few weeks to meet someone new. By the conclusion of Eternals, the Eternals had split off as a result of their choice to defy Arishem’s intentions and preserve mankind.

Eternals ending explained that the remainder of the Eternals are either dead or stay on Earth for the time being. Sersi returns to London, Phastos and his family relocate to Ajak’s farm, and Kingo decides to assist with the rearing of Sprite. However, when the Celestial conducts a surprise visit to Earth, Arishem kidnaps Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos. Sprite is not taken since she is no longer an Eternal, which means she will grow up with Kingo’s people. In the meantime, Gilgamesh and Ajak are still alive after the events of Eternals, and Ikaris may be as well.

What Is Arishem’s Plan For The Eternals, And Why Is He Taking Them There?

Eternals Ending Explained
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When Arishem returns at the conclusion of Eternals, he announces that he will be bringing Sersi, Phastos, and Kingo with him. The World Forge, the cosmic site built by Arishem to construct the Eternals and new planets, is most likely their destiny. Eternals ending explained that Arishem also keeps all of the Eternals’ experiences from prior operations at World Forge. He chooses to investigate Sersi, Phastos, and Kingo’s experiences with him.

Arishem is enraged that they disobeyed his instructions and halted Tiamut’s Emergence, and he wants to understand why they did so and whether it was the correct option. He informs them that he might now examine their recollections of their stay on Earth in order to evaluate if the Eternals made the correct decision by allowing mankind to survive. But if Arishem does not like what he finds, he will come back to Earth to evaluate it.

What Happens At The End Of Eternals? Eternals Ending Explained:

The conclusion of Eternals also connects the film’s larger ideas regarding mankind. Despite the fact that the Eternals are Celestial-created creatures, many of them struggle with human emotions and contradictory thoughts regarding humanity’s overarching direction and purpose. The group was first split by their differing degrees of confidence in humanity’s goodwill and what the Eternals should do with their abilities to support or intervene in humanity’s actions.

As the eternals ending explained, Druig desired to utilize his abilities to prevent humanity from harming one another, but Phastos had given up hope in mankind for a time until rediscovering the good in them. Sersi, on the other hand, has always recognized the best in them, while Ikaris has always attempted to keep a safe distance from them and their inevitable demise.

As Eternals ending explained, humans are far from flawless, but the Eternals discovered that they, too, had defects and that they, too, had the right to grow from their mistakes. Even Ikaris, in conclusion, managed to prove that his sentiments for the other Eternals, particularly Sersi, were real and that he did not dislike human emotions as much as he claimed. The whole crew could only join together in Eternals’ finale and provide mankind with a longer life after reaching such a realization.

Harry Styles’ Appearance In Eternals – Eternals End Credits Explained

Thena, Druig, and Makkari meet Thanos’ brother, Eros, in the mid-credits sequence in Eternals. He and his sidekick Pip the Troll, offer to support the group in their quest for the Eternals.

Meanwhile, Sersi’s insignificant human partner is soon to become a lot more important! In the movie’s post-credits sequence, Dan unlocks an antique box from his forefathers, which contains an ominous-looking blade. A strange voice says, “Sure you’re ready for that, Mr Whitman?”

Eternals ending explained that Blade the Vampire Hunter, who Mahershala Ali portrays, has that voice. The MCU is set to grow larger than ever before due to the additions of Blade and Eros!

Eternals Ending Explained
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What Was The Other Conclusion For The Eternals? – Marvel Eternals

You may get shocked when you discover that the film’s director, Chloe Zhao, has acknowledged that the finale was initially intended to be much worse. They would have suffered a dark future if there were two suspense endings for the two sets of Eternals.

During an interview with Empire, the filmmaker stated: “It used to end with everybody back on the ship, minds erased and just going on to another planet, like The Twilight Zone,” from which we can guess the original intention.

The audience’s response seems to have forced the revisions to the conclusion, as Harry Styles was given a far more powerful debut as Eros rather than being presented as a rookie Eternal on the Domo at the final scene, according to the initial intention.

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