The Demise of Stranger Things Vecna is Near! Here’s Why? 

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As we all know, Stranger Things Season 4 is out with a bang and is making highlights for all good reasons!! 

Soon after the release on 1st July 2022, the fans gave this premiere a grand opening. This was pretty clear as we learned from sources how Netflix’s server crashed on 1st July post the release of Stranger Things season 4 Volume 2. 

As rightly said by the co-creators of the show – The Duffer Brothers, Volume 4 of the Stranger Things has served as the end of the beginning, and no doubt Stranger Things fans have all reasons to believe that season 5 will be an ultimate downfall of the Big Bad of Stranger Things Vecna.  

The Escape of Stranger Things Vecna

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In the 9th chapter of Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2, we saw how Vecna manages a narrow escape in the end! 

The 9th episode, titled “Piggyback”, did not leave us with much hope for the Hawkins Gang as Stranger Things Vecna manages a creepy escape, and this was not all!!. 

The Upside Down is almost on the verge of merging with the actual Earth, with the fourth and last door left to open, leading to a significant crack on the Earth’s surface, whereby the reality will merge with the monstrous Upside Down with no looking back. And just a little reminder. 

During all this, the Big Bad, aka Stranger Things Vecna, is in no mood to let go of this merger!! 

Fans Expecting the Demise of Vecna Very Soon!

Stranger Things Vecna
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Not to worry, many of our fans firmly believe that Stranger Things Vecna is reaching its ultimate end, and that too very soon! 

The attempt of Stranger Things Vecna to absorb Max will lead to the demise of the Big Bad Vecna. 

In the climax moments of Chapter Nine of Volume 2, we see how Stranger Things Vecna has almost absorbed the mental essence of Max, which led to her brief death. But El came to her rescue and eventually brought her back. 

El tries to find out if Max is still within her control but finds nothing. All these events had led the fans to believe that there is some telepathic connection between Max and Vecna, which will lead to the downfall of the Stranger Things Vecna! 

Consuming Max – The Biggest Mistake of Vecna

Stranger Things Vecna
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If fan theories are to be believed, then there is some connection between Max and Vecna, and whatever El did to Max. 

Max got some room to roam inside Vecna’s mind and roam around her memories and possibly free other victims to ensure they create a group against Vecna and destroy her from within. 

The future of Max, aka Sadie Sink, prefers to remain quiet, as she is in a coma for now as per the last chapter of volume 2. So we are still unsure about Max being in or out for Season 5. 


Many scenes in Volume 2 have hinted how the downfall of Stranger Things Vecna is near. Be it consuming Max or trying to open the fourth and final door to merge the Earth and the Upside Down. 

The kind of attack planned by the gang of Hawkins leading to fighting Vecna on multiple fronts in Season 4 seems to be the only way to defeat Vecna. 

We are excited for more such news on Netflix fans’ favourite: Stranger Things Season 5. Follow us for more such updates.

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