Top 5 Super-Embarrassing Scenes Bridgerton Actors Were Forced To Shoot!! 

Creating a series like Bridgerton is not a child’s play. It requires a lot of effort and hard work. Moreover, the cast members often had to go through a bunch of difficult situations to deliver the best on-screen. So, recently in an interview, the Bridgerton stars burst out revealing some super-embarrassing scenes they were forced to shoot for the series.

So, Sassyhows is here with all the updates on the top 5 embarrassing scenes filmed for the Bridgerton series. 

5 Super-Embarrassing Scenes Actors Filmed For Bridgerton 

  • Wardrobe Faults

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The Bridgerton cast got a sudden shock as they were not even expecting all these on set. Jonathan Bailey was shooting one of the most popular fencing scenes of the series, while he was suited up in some really tight pants. The trouser complimented his look for most of the shoot until Bailey made his final lunge of the match. His pants got ripped with so many cameras and the crew members capturing the memory. 

In an interview, a cast member revealed addressing the incident, “That was probably the most disastrous that ever happened… I think the trousers ripped at a certain point.” When Bailey was questioned on the incident, he said, “Ya, it’s true my crotch did split but that’s testament to my athleticism and the lunges.” 

  • Awkward Makeout Scenes

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If you have watched Bridgerton on Netflix, we know you loved the sensational romance on screen. Ya, it was flawless. But the reality of these scenes is pretty different from what you think. Making out in a corset is not so cute, it may appear good on screen, but for functionalities sake, Simone Ashley was not a fan of it. 

In an interview, she said, “Making out with Johnny in a corset… there were a few scenes where I was a bit could not lift my arms up could not… you know embrace as much as I wanted to but we got there.” 

  • Working With Horses 

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While it is easy dealing with humans, the animal co-stars were the real challenge for the Bridgerton cast. In an interview, Ashley revealed, “The most awkward moment on set happens when I think yeah working with horses.” 

Filming those steamy romantic scenes was not so easy. Moreover, with an animal co-star intercepting and stealing all the attention, it’s really a challenge. Ashley further said, “We were doing a beautiful scene… it’s very very romantic and it’s going really well and then a horse just takes a dump.” She further added, “You know, when nature calls, nature calls…”

  • Lost Voice 

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If you have already streamed Bridgerton, we know that you know who Colin Bridgerton is. Luke Newton made a booming come back to the set with this character. However, it was not so easy. He had to face a super-embarrassing moment. 

Initially, Luke was unable to speak in his character’s voice. In an interview, Luke shared his horrible experience revealing, “It was a massive scene, we were at the races. But it just was not coming out in my column voice. It was like the back of my throat I was squeaking I sounded like a Disney character… I was like what is going on.” 

It seems the fan-favorite Luke happened to be suffering from a bit of stage fright.  However, ultimately he had to deal with this embarrassing situation. 

  • A Lot Of Cheating 

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It would be a big lie if we tell you there was no cheating in the Pal Mao match. Daphne shocked everyone with her performance on-screen. But the reality was pretty different. Well, most of those shots took a fair amount of work and it was not usually coming from the actress herself. 

When questioned about the match, she said, “I was probably the worst player.” So, this is one of the most awkward moments, when someone who is supposed to be the best player on-screen, is really the worst off-screen. The embarrassment was real as the actors kept on trying shots so that some part of her quality gameplay could be captured by the camera. 

So, these were the top 5 super-embarrassing things the Bridgerton cast faced. What are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comment section. Follow us for more interesting articles. 



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