Dragon Ball Villains Who Are Actually Good: Here Are Our Top 5 Picks!!

The Dragon Ball franchise has gifted us a bunch of awesome villains. While some are insanely wicked like Frieza, there are some Dragon Ball villains who actually won a clean heart. However, their responsibilities or heart-breaking backstories initially compelled them to step in as a Dragon Ball villain. 

So, today, Sassyshows is here with its top five villains from Dragon Ball who are actually good and kind-hearted. 

Dragon Ball Villains Who Are Not Actually Bad 

There are a bunch of Dragon Ball villains who is wicked to the core, but there are tons of foes who carry some heart-touching backstories and their actions were much justifiable. So, here is the list of all Dragon Ball villains who are actually good – 

#1 Granolah 

If you are not a hardcore Dragon Ball manga fan, the name may be confusing for you. However, if you follow the official manga, you know, Granolah is one of the newest threats to our favorite Z-fighters. 

Dragon Ball Villains
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Though Granolah is introduced in Dragon Ball magna as one of the deadliest foes of the Z-warriors, he comes with a tragic backstory. He belongs to the Cerealian race which was diminished by the Saiyans on Frieza’s order. So, he stepped into the Earth to kill the remaining Saiyan. 

#2 Broly 

We all know how powerful Broly is. He is a legendary Saiyan who was initially introduced as one of the most terrifying Dragon Ball villains. However, it was pretty clear that Broly was manipulated and it was his rage at the death of his father that drove him to kill the Z-Warriors. 

Dragon Ball Villains
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#3 Jiren 

We all have witnessed the unimaginable energy of Jiren. Even Goku could not single-handedly defeat him. He is the strongest fighter of Universe 11 and has also defeated the God of Destruction of his own universe. 

Dragon Ball Villains
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However, in the Tournament of Power, he was actually fighting to protect his own universe from being erased by Zeno. We also saw his kind and generous attitude when he praised Goku for being a worthy opponent. 

#4 Hit 

Hit is one of the most fascinating Dragon Ball villains introduced in the Super series. He is an assassin with sleek moves and a wide arsenal of deadly attacks. Though initially he appeared to be deadly, much like Jiren, he too, was protecting his universe in TOP. Hit is just a mercenary who takes pride in every work. 

Dragon Ball Villains
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#5 Piccolo 

The Dragon Ball series introduced Piccolo as one of the all-time best Dragon Ball villains. However, the wickedest of Piccolo was instilled in him by his father King Piccolo and Piccolo stepped into Earth to seek revenge. 

Dragon Ball Villains
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However, ultimately it was Goku’s kindest that turned Piccolo into a good soul and he ultimately joined Goku’s side. 

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