5 Shocking Things Dragon Ball Vegeta Learned From Goku 

When it comes to the biggest rivals in the anime world, the first name that hits every fan’s mind is Dragon Ball Vegeta and Goku’s friendly rivalry. Although we have seen Vegeta competing with Goku in every aspect, there are a bunch of things the Prince of Saiyan actually learned from Kakarot. 

Vegeta is no doubt one of the most admired characters of Dragon Ball. His cool, manly attitude has always impressed the fans. Dragon Ball Vegeta is a man full of pride. He is immensely powerful and one of the strongest Saiyans in the franchise. 

While the Saiyan has dealt with a storm of villains over the years, till today, he considers Goku as one of his biggest rivals. Though Vegeta was initially introduced as a villain, it was Goku who gave him one more chance. Goku’s mercy and Bulma’s love humbled Dragon Ball Vegeta over the course of time. 

Throughout the last few decades, we have witnessed Vegeta and Goku battling with numerous fighters. Though they are rivals in mind, we have seen them team up against the most powerful foes. So, there are actually a bunch of things Dragon Ball Vegeta learned from the strongest Saiyan in Universe 7, Goku. 

5 Biggest Things Dragon Ball Vegeta Learned From Goku 

  • Teamwork 

Dragon Ball Vegeta
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While Vegeta was initially introduced as a ruthless villain who loves to fight his battles alone, it was Goku who instilled the idea of teaming up in him. For the longest period, Vegeta’s Saiyan pride and ego barred him from relying on anyone. 

However, when Vegeta got closer to Goku and they had unmatchable threats to encounter, Vegeta adopted the idea of teaming up. He kept his ego aside to slowly turn comfortable in team fights. This is one of the greatest positive impacts Goku had on Vegeta’s life, he changed the way of thinking of the Prince of Saiyan. 

  • Kindness 

Dragon Ball Vegeta
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Still today, Vegeta is one of the angry-young characters of Dragon Ball, who is often rage-driven. However, initially, when Vegeta walked into the scene, he was the most ruthless character in the franchise who is ready to kill anybody to satisfy his desires. 

However, when Goku spared Vegeta’s life and showed him mercy, it was a shock for the Prince of Saiyan. On top of that, with Bulma coming into his life, he adopted the Earthly habits and started a new life on the planet. Since then, we saw the transition of a ruthless fighter to a kind and loving father and husband. 

  • Sacrifice 

Dragon Ball Vegeta
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Whether it’s saving the world from Cell or being the collateral damage to kill Raditz, we have seen numerous sacrifices coming from Goku. While Goku had done several heroic deeds to save his friends and family, Vegeta is no less. 

Like Goku sacrificed himself to save the world from Cell’s attack, Vegeta decided to sacrifice his life to save his family and friends from Majin Buu. 

  • Respect 

Dragon Ball Vegeta
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Goku has earned a lot of respect from his fellow fighters over the course of the Dragon Ball series. However, Vegeta was someone who initially brought a lot of hate to the story. His hate for Frieza left no opportunity for the Saiyan to respect his opponents or even friends. He was utterly ruthless. 

However, with Goku around, Vegeta learned how to respect his competitors and earn respect in exchange. He learned that underestimating opponents is the best way to establish supremacy. This is one of the biggest learnings Dragon Ball Vegeta got from Goku. 

  • Self-Improvement 

Dragon Ball Vegeta
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Goku is the one who motivates Vegeta to push his limits. While for most characters like Gohan, Krillin, and more, their power level is stagnant or has deteriorated over the course of time, Goku’s constant acceleration in the race of power, pushed Vegeta to follow him. 

Dragon Ball Vegeta’s keen desire to get better than Kakarot has pushed him to the doors of unlocking the form of a destroyer. Yes, in the recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super manga, Vegeta has unlocked his Destroyer form, Ultra Ego. 

So, what do you think which form is more powerful: Dragon Ball Vegeta’s Ultra Ego or Goku’s Ultra Instinct? Tell us in the comment box. 

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