3 Shocking Realities Of Ultra Ego – The Form May Destroy Vegeta & Here’s How 

Vegeta’s competitive attitude towards Goku and his obsession with power pushed him to the doors of the God of Destruction. Under Lord Beerus’ training, Vegeta has achieved a new powerup – Ultra Ego in the Dragon Ball Super Manga. 

Though Ultra Ego brought some super destructive abilities in Vegeta, much like Goku’s Kaioken form, it too has some ill effects on the users. So, today, Sassyshows is here to point out the ridiculous side of Vegeta’s new form, Ultra Ego. 

Vegeta Ultra Ego Form 

Ultra Ego
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While Goku impressed the fans with his Ultra Instinct form in Dragon Ball Super Season 1, we are pretty sure Vegeta’s new form Ultra Ego will break the Internet. Vegeta is one of the most loved Dragon Ball characters who is famous for his powerful attitude and Saiyan pride. 

While for an extended period of the show, we have seen Vegeta chasing Goku in terms of power, it seems for the first time in Dragon Ball history, Vegeta has finally surpassed Goku with his new form. 

Vegeta has set his way to the throne of the God of Destruction as he is slowly and steadily adopting the mannerism of the Destroyer. But, as every coin has two sides, Vegeta’s new form has both evil and good sides. There are a bunch of setbacks in the form, which are listed below – 

3 Shocking Realities Of Vegeta’s Ultra Ego 

Rage Triggers The Form 

Ultra Ego
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For every unique Dragon Ball transformation, we have seen rage playing the role of the trump card for years. Similarly, for Vegeta’s new form, rage is the fuel. The form builds up upon the user’s rage and it keeps on getting better with the increase in anger. Though we have seen Vegeta’s angry young attitude, to hold up his rage and the form may be difficult on various occasions. 

It Stresses On The Attack Power 

Ultra Ego
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What makes a transformation complete or most powerful? A transformation is said to be perfect if it balances every aspect. Like in Ultra Instinct, we saw how Goku beautifully uses both his defensive and attacking skills to fight Jiren and the other fighters. 

However, with Ultra Ego things are pretty different. Vegeta’s new form solely relies on his attacking abilities. In this form, Vegeta’s defensive skills are much inferior to his attacking abilities.

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There Are No Stages For The Form 

Ultra Ego
Credit – Screenrant.com

If we consider Goku’s Ultra Instinct form, there are a bunch of stages in the transformation. During his fight with Jiren, we saw how the Saiyan moved from his base Ultra Instinct form to Mastered or Autonomous Ultra Instinct. But in the case of Vegeta’s destroyer form, it seems there are no multiple stages. Every single thing about Ultra Ego points out that it’s a single transformation. 

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  1. I think that we have not seen the extent to Ultra Ego. We have only seen this transformation once against Granola. Vegeta also wasn’t going in 100% because he’s feeling guilty about the cerealians. Remember Beerus told Vegeta that as long as he concentrated on destruction that the things he could do would be no limits to his power. While we haven’t seen Goku growth multiple times with different opponents. Give Vegeta a chance to develop and grow like you did with Kakkorot.


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