Dragon Ball The Breakers Release Date Is Out! Get Ready To Dive Into Insane Gaming Experience 

Dragon Ball The Breakers is one of the most anticipated games the fans have been waiting for a long. If you are a Dragon Ball lover wondering to know Dragon Ball The Breakers release date, here is everything you need to know. 

Dragon Ball The Breakers

It’s been a few months since the officials have revealed about the latest Dragon Ball game coming out. While the Dragon Ball franchise has delivered a bunch of action games, the hype for Dragon Ball: The Breakers is real. 

The upcoming game will be a 7v1 asymmetrical survival game that includes a raider and seven survivors. So, if you are excited to play the game, scroll down to know all details. 

Dragon Ball The Breakers Release Date 

Dragon Ball The Breakers

Though we have a bunch of Dragon Ball games, this one is really very special as we can tap into an asymmetrical cooperative world with Dragon Ball The Breakers. 

The game was initially scheduled for a release back in 2020. However, it experienced a big delay and as per the leaks, it will drop sometime in 2022. 

As of now, we don’t know the exact release date. But make sure to stay tuned to know the release date of Dragon Ball: The Breakers. 

Dragon Ball The Breakers Gameplay 

Dragon Ball The Breakers

The new Dragon Ball game features a huge environmentally diverse zone or map consisting of five different areas. The Raider’s sole aim is to eliminate the survivors while the survivors have to save their lives. 

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Trailer – Is There Any Official Trailer? 

Check out the sneak peek of Dragon Ball The Breakers game below – 

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