Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Latest Updates!! Gohan’s New Transformation Revealed!!

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Trailer – Shocking Updates Revealed!!

Delivering top-notch entertainment to anime fans for over two decades, the Dragon Ball franchise has been ruling the anime game. Recently, with the wrap-up of the latest Dragon Ball Super arc, the fans are craving more, and finally, the creators dropped another bomb to amaze the fans. Dragon Ball is coming up with another super thrilling movie titled Dragon Ball Super Super Hero.

Though the makers initially preferred to keep all the updates of the latest movie under the wraps, hunting through the Internet and squeezing out information from sources, we have collected some shocking news on the new Dragon Ball Super movie 2022.

So, if you are a true Dragon Ball fan, don’t dare to miss out on the most interesting updates on Super Hero given below. 

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Movie Leaks 

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
Dragon Ball is getting popular with every new series or movie landing on the viewer’s screen. It’s loading in more new fans as well as offering a nostalgic fix to the audience who got hooked to the “Dragon Ball Z” blocks. With the unwrapping of a new era of the franchise titled “Dragon Ball Super,” we witnessed the adventures of the protagonist Goku after the defeat of deadly Majin Buu.

In 2018, the creators stunned the audience by dropping a hit spinoff movie titled “Dragon Ball Super: Broly.” After the insane visual and story experience from the movie, the fans are now counting days for another such blockbuster. So, finally, the wait seems to be over. 

At the San Diego Comic-Con @ Home “Dragon Ball” special panel 2021, Akio Iyoku, the executive editor of the “DBS” manga, revealed the updates on Dragon Ball Super new movie 2022. The event was streamed on YouTube and the fans flooded it with their love and support. 

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Trailer Teases Broly’s Comeback

It’s been a long time since the true Dragon Ball fans are counting on the official release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and finally it’s knocking at our doors as the latest trailer is out.

The trailer is loaded with thrilling pieces that connect to something extraordinary this time. It brings back Goku’s dearest enemy, Broly, as a major secret. If you have also noticed Broly in the latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer, there may be several questions floating around your mind.

Will be witnessing a rematch between Broly, Goku, and Vegeta. Will Broly be a part of the villainous alliance? So, in this article, we will have a breakdown of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer and know some mind-boggling things about it. 

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – Return of Broly

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s latest trailer introduces Broly for a fraction of seconds and you may have missed the scene. However, the trailer yells out a comeback of the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly. After the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, it’s now time for a secret cameo of Broly’s return. 

The recent trailer revealed that the main protagonist, Goku, will be once again facing the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly. However, this time the setting is even grander.

By the scene of a pink sky and floating planets, it seems that Goku and Broly are having an encounter on Lord Beerus’s planet. But the intentions of the fight are still unclear.

As per leaks, there may be two potential reasons. The first is a proper face-off or rematch between the two Saiyans, or else Goku is training with Broly on Lord Beerus’ planet to push his power levels and extend his strength.

Meanwhile, Goku knows by enabling Broly to push his limits, he will never get an insane ally rather than a worthy opponent. The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is potentially preparing the stage for the entry of one of the strongest Saiyans in the Universe and setting up the future of the manga too.

Especially, if a Saiyan as strong as Goku helps Broly to elevate his power levels, he will surely be one of the strongest entities in the Dragon Ball Universe. 

So, what do you think, Broly is training with Goku? Or they are having their official rematch?

Will Broly Appear As A Villain In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

The comeback of Broly in the official trailer of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has stunned the audience. This unexpected move of the creators has astonished the fans.

However, the audience is still curious whether Broly will be the official villain of the new movie or not? As of now, there is no official confirmation from the creators.

We are still hunting around for any new info on this regard. So, make sure to stay connected as we will update you as soon as the makers release an update. 

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Characters

The creators revealed some sneak peek of the new movie at the Comic-Con @ Home Panel event. Akoi shocked the audience and revealed the Dragon Ball Super Super Hero characters that the fans can expect to witness in the new Dragon Ball movie

The first character that attracted the fans’ attention is Piccolo, who is back with a new look resembling his manga version. The show host MC Sascha revealed Piccolo’s color is now the same as the manga version. Moreover, the “Dragon Ball Super Super Hero 2022” movie will bring nostalgic characters like Krillin and Pan in a new look.

We saw some character designs of Krillin in a policeman’s getup. While Pan is now grown up and she is featured in a kindergarten look. Iyoku also revealed that Pan, the daughter of Gohan and Videl, will play a crucial role in the upcoming super Dragon Ball Heroes movie. 

The panel also featured the complete set of Dragon Ball Super new movie characters, highlighting two uniformed aliens with some numbers assigned on their jackets and retrofuturist laser weapons. The Panelists preferred to keep the characters’ names and their roles to be a mystery.

So, it’s pretty unclear that these strange characters will acquire the throne of the main antagonists of the new Dragon Ball Super movie?

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Plot

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero  

In an interview, Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball manga, revealed that he will not likely disclose many updates on the upcoming Dragon Ball movie. However, he promised some exciting turns in the new movie. He asked every fan to be prepared for some insane and super entertaining bouts and also teased some new characters in the Dragon Ball Super Super Hero movie.

He further added, “We will be charting through some unexplored parts, in terms of the visual aesthetics, to offer the fans a super thrilling roller coaster ride. So, I hope everybody will look forward to the latest Dragon Ball Super movie. 

Iyoku also revealed some details, quoting that the team is gearing up to focus on the superheroic nature of the protagonist, Goku, and his team. He said, “There are two supers in the title, and that is great.” This stresses the fact that the new Dragon Ball movie is all about superhero vibes and it may centralize another superhero character other than Goku.

So, it seems Toriyama is really focusing on the Superheroes this time and is determined to build a universe of some extraordinary power holders. 

Norihiro Hayashida, the producer of Toei Animation, revealed how different the Dragon Ball Super Super Hero will be totally different from the Broly movie. He mentioned that the movie will be loaded with slice-of-life scenes that focus on the rich Dragon Ball world created by Akira Toriyama.

He further added, “Of course, that’s not to say the film does not have its share of intense scenes. It’s a perfect fusion of the classic Dragon Ball and fresh flavors to the show. 

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Character Redesigns Revealed!!

Previously, in the San Diego Comic-Con, we have witnessed a new look of Piccolo, Krillin, and the introduction of a new mysterious character with numbers on his suit. But now it’s time to unveil more as the latest Dragon Ball Super movie trailer reveals the character redesign of some of the major characters, including Bulma. 

The fan-favorite character Bulma, is back with a new hairstyle and a jumpsuit, adding a freshness to her character design. While on the other hand, though Pan was initially introduced in a school dress resembling she is now a kindergarten student, in the latest trailer, Gohan and Videl’s daughter is seen wearing casual dresses. She seems to be embarrassed by the intense training from Piccolo, the man who trained her father. 

Moreover, the young healer, Dende, is also back. But this time he is a grown-up and carries an older look. The Namekian is ready to assist Goku and his team in the new upcoming ventures. 

The trailer also features Korin, the martial arts expert. However, he is still a cat. The new Dragon Ball Super movie will surely bring a bunch of new exciting twists and the audience is already counting days for its release. So, when is the new Dragon Ball movie releasing? Here is everything we know. 

Dragon Ball super super hero Trailer

Dragon ball super super hero
Finally, after a long, long wait, the much-awaited Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has got its first official trailer. However, the fans are still confused about whether the new Dragon Ball movie will land outside Japan or not. 
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the next movie coming from the Dragon Ball Super’s bucket after Broly and its trailer is finally out. The trailer reveals a sneak peek of the upcoming movie and is super exciting. So, you can also enjoy the official trailer here – 

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Release Date – When Is The New Movie Coming?

The fans are incredibly excited to know the official release date of the latest movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. So, when is it coming? As per the latest updates, the new Dragon Ball Super movie will be debuting on April 22, 2022, in Japan. 

When Will Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Release In the UK And USA?

As of now, neither the officials nor the creators have mentioned the official release date of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in the USA and UK. Neither have they revealed anything about the platforms with the streaming rights of the movie.
But as per the sources, one matter that may affect the worldwide theatrical distribution of the Dragon Ball Super movies is the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by none other than Disney. So, we may expect the new movie to land on its platform first. 

Moreover, if we consider the case of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, we have seen it coming after a halt of six months after its first release in Japan. So, this time too, we can expect the arrival of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero after six months of its release in Japan, i.e. in October or November of 2022. 

Will Gohan Be The Lead Character In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero
With the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero knocking at the doors the fans are curious to know who will be the lead in the upcoming movie.

Will the movie traditionally follow the most powerful Saiyan, Goku or explore Vegeta’s character, or will Gohan back to the ultimate throne of power? Social media is storming with rumors claiming Gohan’s comeback with a boom.
So, will Gohan take up the lead role in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Here is all you need to know. 

The latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero poster has revealed some shocking updates on the upcoming movie. The posters have ignited the rumors that Gohan will be the central character in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. For a long span of time, Gohan has been out of the run for the throne of power.

The fans had been criticizing the franchise for a long time for eliminating Gohan’s potential from the story. Therefore, in terms of powers and forms, Gohan was left far behind by Goku and Vegeta, the two strongest Saiyans in the Dragon Ball Universe.

So, when Toei Animation revealed about Dragon Ball: Super Hero, the fans were expecting the comeback of Gohan with new powers.

The fans were simply clamoring for a bombastic comeback of Gohan. So, finally, with the release of the latest posters of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, they can take a breath of relief. It seems Gohan will be back as the central character after Cell Saga and will take upon the evils. 

Gohan and his “true father” Piccolo will get the spotlight they deserve. While the producer of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Akio Iyoku confirmed that Gohan and Piccolo will be the main characters in the upcoming movie.
He further revealed that the new movie will bring some giant changes to the pace of the franchise. It will portray a rare story that will surely stun the fans and will justify Gohan’s presence in the world of Dragon Ball. 

The latest poster reveals Gohan in a dead-ass look confronting the new Androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. So, what do you think will Gohan unlock a new transformation in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Let us know in the comment section. 

Shocking Reveals About Gohan In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero 

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero
As the new movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will jump into the scene after a time gap, we will notice some of the major changes. The creators revealed that Gohan will surely be one of the main characters in the new movie. So, here we will discuss the potential changes Gohan’s character may go through. 

Gohan May Ultimately Dismantle the Red Ribbon Army 

The Red Ribbon Army has been one of the major threats to the world for decades. It has led to several Android invasions that took the lives of hundreds of innocents.

Moreover, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero marks the return of the Red Ribbon Army with some new Androids. But this time, it may be the end as we have Gohan, the one who destroyed Cell, in charge.
So, Gohan may not repeat the same mistake again and this time he will eliminate the Red Ribbon Army from the Universe. 

Gohan May Have Been Trained By Whis Or Beerus 

The Tournament of Power has taught Gohan the importance of consistent training. However, with Goku and Vegeta concentrating on their own abilities, Gohan doesn’t have a worthy master on Earth. So, like Goku and Vegeta, he may also seek training from Whis or Beerus.

dragon ball super super hero – Gohan’s New Transformation!!

With the launch of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailers, teasers, and posters, we all know that the Red Ribbon Army is coming back with two new super Androids – Gamma 1 and Gamma 2.

However, one question that may have to strike the minds of many fans is – Is the power of the Androids enough to cope with Goku and Vegeta’s newly attained form? Well, it is definitely not as the heroes have unlocked power levels that are often compared to Gods. So, how will the new evils justify their part? 

Well, we have seen in the trailer that the Red Ribbon Army is plotting a big movie and we have witnessed them replicating slightly demonish looks of Goku and Vegeta in some big machines.

So, as per our assumptions, the Red Ribbon Army would have managed to steal the genes of Goku and Vegeta to biologically instill their level of power into the new Androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2.

Moreover, the poster states that Gamma 1 resembles the personality of Vegeta, while Gamma 2 reflects Goku’s personality. But, the most surprising fact is we don’t see Goku and Vegeta fighting the Androids in the trailer. It’s Gohan who takes up the responsibility.

So, will Gohan be able to destroy the enemies with the power for the most brilliant Saiyans? Well, if it’s so, Gohan will surely unlock a new form as with his old form he will be a matter of seconds for the evils. 

Though in the anime, Gohan has been kept as a side character for a long time, the situation differs in the manga. While in Dragon Ball Super anime it was Goku who used his newly attained Ultra Instinct form to defeat Kefla, in the official manga, it was Gohan who overpowered

Frequently Asked Questions On Dragon Ball Super Super Hero

Q1: When Will Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Release?

Ans – The creators have not yet finalized the official premiere date for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Stay connected to sassyshows.com, to know all hot updates on the latest Dragon Ball Super movie 2022. 

Q2: Will Gohan Be The Main Protagonist Of Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Movie?

And – Though the movie will solely focus on superheroes, the makers have not yet revealed that will Gohan be one of them. We witnessed a significant drop in his powers after the Cell games. However, as the new movie is coming after a time gap, we can expect Gohan will train himself to reach the levels of his father. 

Q3: Who Will Be The Main Villain In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero 2022?

Ans – The main antagonist’s name is not yet revealed. Though social media is stormed with speculations leading to the return of the old characters like Cooler, Cell, and more, the creators have not yet confirmed.
On the other hand, the officials then introduced a new unique character that appears to have a futuristic look. So, he may also be the villain. 
Make sure to stay tuned as we will keep on updating the website with the latest information. Visit other articles on sassyshows.com to know more about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Also comment down your views below. Stay connected to get such exciting articles in the future. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends.

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