Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Reveals Android Saga Future!! Something Thrilling Is Coming

Android Saga in Dragon Ball

Android Saga Future
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As we are aware that the franchise is very much fascinated by the Androids. They mainly have created a saga for them. This all starts with the Red Ribbon Army. 

With the help of Dr. Gero, they developed different kinds of androids to fulfill their evil intentions. However, those all were brought down by our mighty Dragon Ball warriors. And those who settled with peace joined the family of our beloved warriors. 

Android 17 and 19, once enemies, have now chosen the path of peace and paid with their families on planet earth. The new movie also sheds some light on Android Saga future in the Dragon Ball universe, which we will discuss further.

Android Saga in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Android Saga Future
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The dominance of the Red Ribbon Army rises again, and with their never-ending funds, they hire Dr. Hedo, the grandson of Dr. Gero. With his help, he developed two new androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. The primary purpose of the army was to fulfill the only objective, total dominance over the world. 

Apart from Gamma 1 and 2, one more android was also created. The robot whose very existence once destroyed the whole planet, Cell, was reborn. The new Cell Max caused a complete massacre, even in his incomplete form. 

Even the Orange Piccolo was not able to face his chaos. But Gohan, with his all-new Beast form, with the help of Piccolo, was able to bring him down. This shows how important Android Saga is in Dragon Ball.

Android Saga Future

Android Saga Future
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Everyone is now wondering what will happen ahead in the story. As we saw at the end of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes movie, Gamma 2 sacrificed himself to save the others, whereas Gamma 1 was alive and will continue to live with his creator Dr. Hedo. Dr. Hedo, who has always dreamt of joining the Capsule Corp, is now hired by its CEO Bulma and, from now on, will spend his time over there. Indeed, he will create new androids with the resources of Capsule Corp. 

New androids with different superpowers are expected to be seen, and the storyline will get more interesting. So, fandom doesn’t have to worry about the Android Saga future as the franchise has already taken care of it.


Previously, fans were not sure that the Androids would survive in Dragon Ball as there was no update. However, in their latest movie, the franchise has opened the gates for the Android Saga future. 

With the ultimate resources at his disposal, Dr. Hedo indeed will create some of the powerful and good androids that will join our DBZ warriors’ team.

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